‘Plaything’ Varadkar savaged as EU ‘will put foot on Ireland’s neck’ over Brexit protocol

EU will ‘put foot on Ireland’s neck’ says Jamie Bryson

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Irish Leader Michael Martin and former Taoiseach Leo Varadkar have been slapped down by Brexiteer and Unionist activist Jamie Bryson. The leading Loyalist spokesman has lampooned Dublin as acting as a “plaything” of the European Union in the course of the Brexit negotiations and the ongoing protocol row. However, Mr Byrson issues a warning to Martin and Varadkhar that Brussel was capable of easily turning on Ireland when it suited them.

Mr Bryson told Express.co.uk: “The Irish government…have slavishly made themselves the plaything of the European Union, and they are being used at the minute.

“The European Union will put the foot on their neck as well whenever it suits them.

“So the Irish Government are both foolish and naive.”

“But the most disappointing thing of all is the British Government has attempted to placate these people rather than standing up to them.” 

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He also argued that the objective of Irish nationalists is to bring about an economically united Ireland through the implementation of the Brexit protocol.

Mr Bryson believes that the construction of new customs rules between Northern Ireland and Great Britain was to serve the “real objective” of pushing unionists towards Irish unification. 

He told Express.co.uk: “The real objective here from Irish nationalism was to colonise almost Northern Ireland within an economic-united Ireland.

“And of course once you form economic union it is but a small step to political union.

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“That is the strategy and that is the objective,” he continued.

“And that is why the nationalist parties are clinging so strongly to the protocol.”

Mr Bryson went on to say:  “The EU’s objective is to create an overarching economic and political union.

“I mean that is what the EU is all about, so they want to grab as much territory as they can and to subjugate it under their empire as it were.”

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“That is the ultimate objective of the EU.”

“So they are trying to grab Northern Ireland within their orbit.”

He added: “Irish nationalism and the EU’s objective aline.

“Because the Irish Government and Irish nationalists want to grab Northern Ireland because they want there to be a united Ireland.

Under the current Brexit trade agreement, Northern Ireland has effectively remained part of both the single market and the customs union.

The status of the UK nation has caused considerable friction across Northern Ireland, where Unionists have been urging the British Government for a revision of the current protocol amid concerns about Belfast’s role within the union.

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