Political map shows spread of Brexit discontent across the UK following petition

The online petition calling for Brexit to be scrapped last night reached 3.5mil­lion names and revealed the new political reality in Britain.

The darkest areas of the map are those with most support for revoking Article 50.

As expected, they are in university towns and inner cities.

The lightest areas, with least support, are in shires and industrial areas of the Midlands, South Wales, the North East and Yorkshire.

Party strategists will be study­­­ing the map carefully, for it shows traditional loyalties are fraying.

For example, only 514 people in Labour -held Barnsley East signed the petition. But in Bristol West, another Labour stronghold, there were 8,970.

Jeremy Corbyn has tread a careful line on Brexit precisely because he needs voters in both seats.

While this poses a headache for Labour, it’s the Conservatives who should worry more.

The petition has been taken up in large numbers in the Home Counties and outer London suburbs where the Tories hold dozens of marginal seats.

In Richmond Park, where Brexiteer Zac Goldsmith’s majority is just 45, 5,890 people signed. And in Hast­ings & Rye, which Pensions Minister Amber Rudd won by 346, the figure is 2,326.

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