SNP deputy explains how party will ram through referendum

SNP 'would be terrified' of independent Scotland says Waiton

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As the SNP conference begins in Aberdeen, the party’s deputy Westminster Leader has suggested the Scottish Government will continue to push for independence even if the Supreme Court case rules against a referendum mandate. Kirsten Oswald slammed Westminster for blocking SNP attempts to call a second independence referendum and suggested the next general election should be treated as a vote on Scottish independence. Ms Oswald claimed the election of the SNP, a strictly pro-independence party, should be considered a mandate for another referendum. 

Speaking to Sky News, the SNP Westminster Deputy said: “Liz Truss has said that she doesn’t want us to have a referendum.

“It is not up to Liz Truss, it is not up to any Government at Westminster, or anyone else for that matter, to stand in the way of what has been a key part of the platform that the Scottish government has been elected on.”

The Sky News host interjected to ask: “Liz Truss has said that she doesn’t want that to go ahead, so would you call the next general election effectively an election about independence solely?” 

Ms Oswald replied: “Nicola Sturgeon has been very clear on that. Absolutely, if the supreme court does not rule in the way that I would hope it would and if there isn’t a break of common sense in the UK government, then yes – that is absolutely a road we should travel down.”

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