Staggering 95% back Nigel Farage’s calls for NatWest’s whole board to resign

Nigel Farage shares his thoughts on NatWest boss resigning

A new Express.co.uk poll has shown an overwhelming 95 percent of readers support Brexiteer Nigel Farage’s calls the entire board at NatWest to quit their positions over the Coutts scandal which saw his account closed.

NatWest CEO Dame Alison Rose announced her resignation in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The former Ukip Leader told Sky News that “the whole board needs to go”.

The following day, head of Coutts Peter Flavel announced his resignation for his involvement in the scandal. 

He said: “In the handling of Mr Farage’s case we have fallen below the bank’s high standards of personal service. As CEO of Coutts it is right that I bear ultimate responsibility for this, which is why I am stepping down.”

NatWest’s interim chief executive Paul Thwaite said that the decision was made by “mutual consent”. He explained: “Whilst I will be personally sorry to lose Peter as a colleague, I believe this is the right decision for Coutts and the wider group.”

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In a poll that ran from 11am on Wednesday, July 26, to 5.30pm on Friday, July 28, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Should NatWest’s whole board resign over Nigel Farage scandal?”

A total of 4,068 votes were cast with the vast majority, 95 percent (3,859 people) answering “yes” they should resign. Whereas five percent (191 people) said “no” and 18 people said they did not know.

In the dozens of comments left below the accompanying article, readers took part in a lively debate.

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The predominant argument was in favour of the whole of NatWest’s board resigning, with username smarter1 writing: “No doubt about it.”

Username petergiles agreed, writing: “Of course they should. Each and every one, they are all complicit in breaking the banking code.”

Another, username theyarelying, commented: “Yes the entire board must be replaced!”

And username fw added: “Absolutely NatWest board should be sacked and the Coutts board also.”

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Yet other readers thought that the board should not be sacked without further investigation.

Username Lazy Git explained: “At the top of any company or committee there’s always one, whether it be a CEO or a chairman, they alone take ultimate responsibility for the actions of said company or committee so no, the whole board shouldn’t resign. It’s the job of the top man to take the fall.

Similarly, username mabel said: “Those at the top yes, they should resign. I’m unsure about the whole board, I don’t know how much they were involved in this debacle.”

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