Sturgeon ridiculed over Scottish independence hopes ‘Stuff of yesteryear, it’s gone!’

Nicola Sturgeon 'dreams of having control over people' says presenter

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Nicola Sturgeon has been mocked by GB News presenter Neil Oliver, with the SNP critic branding Scottish independence “a prospect of the distant past”. He went on to dismiss the case for a second vote on independence as not a “realistic possibility, far less a threat.”

Mr Oliver told GB News: “I would see independence as a prospect of the distant past.

“Its high watermark was in 2016 – any appetite for it has been in decline ever since.

“I don’t take indyref2 or whatever you might want to call it as any kind of realistic possibility, far less a threat.”

He added: “But the dream of independence for the SNP and their political supporters is the stuff of yesteryear, it’s gone. It’s not realistic.”

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Mr Oliver argued: “It’s partly for that reason that Nicola Sturgeon, like Mark Drakeford in Wales, she cannot bear to surrender to hand over the power that she was granted, gifted, on account of this unprecedented unexpected emergency.

“Independence has gone, that move has gone it’s not a realistic thing.

“I’m not worried about it and I haven’t been worried about it for some considerable time.

“That possibility is no more, I don’t expect to talk meaningfully about the prospect of a referendum on independence for decades, if at all again in my lifetime.”

Lib Dem MP reacts to Nicola Sturgeon imposing new restrictions

Ms Sturgeon was criticised by Christine Jardine of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, who accused the First Minister of implementing “crazy” restrictions over coronavirus. 

Ms Jardine told GB News the measures appeared to have little or no logic to them.

She believes the Scottish public needed clear guidance while businesses affected needed urgent support.

Ms Jardine told GB News: “What we’re getting in Scotland is a lack of clarity and there’s no logic to it that people can see, and that worries me because we need clear, direct protections that people can understand.

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“They know this science and they see the logic in them. But there’s no logic for most people in there having been football last night but football is now stopped, outdoor events are now stopped.

“You know, shopping centres and shopping centres are open it’s crazy, there’s no logic to it.

“What we need is clear direction from the Scottish Government.”

Ms Jardine added: “What we need is support economic support for those businesses that are suffering and those families who are suffering because of the impact of this wave of Omicron.”

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