Sturgeon told to ditch plan to allow 4-year-olds to change gender without parents consent

Scotland: LGBT inclusivity document slammed by host

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Campaigners have hit out at new LGBT inclusivity guidelines drawn up by the SNP-led Scottish Government. The 70-page guidance, approved by Education Secretary Shirley Anne Sommerville, says teachers should not question pupils if they want to transition to life as a boy or a girl.

Ministers have also put forward a list of Scottish government approved books promoting gender ideology to children.

But charity ForWomenScotland accused SNP ministers of “pushing an ideology which is harmful”.

A spokeswoman added: “There is no such thing as a transgender child.

“No four-year-old will be diagnosed as having gender dysphoria.

“Only watchful waiting is advised for this age group.

“There is a risk that these ideologies will prove damaging to children’s development and mental health in the long run.

“Headteachers would do well to actively ensure that this is not taught in their schools.”

Simon Calvert, a spokesman for the Christian Institute, added: “The question of how best to help children and young people struggling with gender dysphoria is hugely controversial.

“For the Scottish government to come down so firmly on the side of trans activists is bad for schools, families and society.”

In the guidance, it was also suggested trans pupils should be able to use whatever lavatory or changing room they choose whilst in school.

Schools are also being encouraged to develop “gender-neutral” uniform options and include transgender characters and role models in lessons.

In response, Ms Somerville defended the guidance and would help to provide inclusion.

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She said: “Pupils are happier and learn more at school when they feel safe, respected and included.

“We know transgender young people can face many issues in schools and that teachers and staff must have the confidence and skills to support their mental, physical and emotional health.

“This guidance outlines how schools can support transgender young people while ensuring that the rights of all pupils are fully respected.

“It provides schools with practical suggestions. The guidance is not prescriptive and does not promote transitioning.”

The guidance has been published before the new school year in Scotland starts next week.

LGBT advocacy groups such as Stonewall, which helped draw up the guidance, said the move would help all children to “thrive”.

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