‘They can’t bear it!’ Habib in scathing rant at EU plot to ‘damage’ Brexit Britain success

Brexit: EU ‘can’t bear’ UK success says Ben Habib

Ben Habib argued the EU has a deep resentment towards the UK which has grown post-Brexit as they have done “anything to damage the UK”. The recent triggering of Article 16 and the new export rules on vaccinations had the MEP claim Europe did not care about big Brexit issues like the Northern Ireland border and simply pushed ahead with them as negotiation sticking points. The Commission withdrew Article 16 after strong criticisms from Ireland and the UK. 

Speaking to James Whale and Ash Gould on their talkRADIO show, Mr Habib said: “Well, they (EU) have a deep antipathy to the United Kingdom and it’s born out of the fact that they can’t bear us to be successful.   

“And we saw that last week didn’t we when first they were accusing AstraZeneca of not providing the vaccine and then they realised that AstraZeneca can’t actually fulfil the orders that they’ve hoisted on them. 

“They then started rubbishing the vaccine, and when that didn’t work they tried to invoke Article 16 and block vaccines coming into the UK notwithstanding the fact that we had a contractual entitlement to them, they were risking lives doing that. 

“They’ll do anything to try and damage the United Kingdom.”

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James Whale then pointed out: “Well they’ve succeeded in one way Ben because the tensions are building in Northern Ireland again and we’re seeing the graffiti, they’ve had to stop looking at lorries because (border guards) have been threatened. 

“And this is all because of the stupid idiots who think they run some kind of empire.” 

Some border guards were removed from their posts after Irish Loyalists wrote graffiti threatening guards were “targets”.

The threats also included opposition to an Irish Sea border. 

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Mr Habib continued: “Absolutely right, I mean why do we have a border down the Irish Sea?

“Let’s get everything into perspective for a second, we have £600billion worth of trade with the EU, the cross border trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland is under £5billion – it’s less than one percent of the total trade with the EU.

“All this fussing about where the custom borders go was a complete dramatisation.”

The EU triggered Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol which suspends parts of the agreement in extreme scenarios. 


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It allows either the EU or UK to act independently to fix issues that arise from the Protocol. 

In this case, the EU wished to install a hard border in Northern Ireland to monitor goods so vaccines did not enter into the UK from the EU as part of new border controls. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also threatened to trigger Article 16 after requesting extensions to Northern Ireland customs grace periods to help hauliers settle into the new rules smoother. 

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove sent the requests to the EU this week.

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