Tory Dominic Raab interrupts Diane Abbott in PMQs gaffe

It was his first time – so you can understand if he didn't quite get it.

Tory Dominic Raab stood in for Boris Johnson at PMQs today, and unfortunately for him, he made a blunder in the very first few moments he was there.

The de facto Deputy PM interrupted Diane Abbott when she was halfway through her first question, prompting confused scenes in the Commons.

Mr Raab stood up to speak midway through her preamble – and, surprised, she then sat down.

Some on social media took this as Ms Abbott sitting down at the wrong time. But our reporter in the House of Commons said it was Mr Raab who made the blunder.

The Foreign Secretary was admonished by Commons Speaker John Bercow, who said: "I think that was a preface to a question."

Shadow Home Secretary Ms Abbott replied: "Mr Speaker, if I may continue uninterrupted!"

But Diane Abbott wasn't without a bit of beginner's un-luck either.

She bungled at the end of the session by trying to level a seventh question – even though the Labour frontbencher was limited to six.

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