‘Totally shameless!’ Britons rage as council rejects Union flag motion – new law demanded

Oldham Council votes against schools flying Union Jack flag

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Fury came following Conservative Councillor Dave Arnott’s “For Queen and Country” motion being denied by Oldham Council. The motion discussed potentially installing a picture of Queen Elizabeth II in “a prominent place” in every school in the Oldham area, flying the national flag of Great Britain and ensuring that every pupil knew the national anthem and the country’s history.

It was rejected with 34 votes in opposition, with only 10 in favour of the motion. There were 7 abstentions from the vote.

Express.co.uk readers backed the motion though saying that the rejection was “totally shameless”, that the “government needs to make it mandatory” stating that the law “must be passed”.

Another implied that it was up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to pass the law instead, and said: “This issue should NOT be a local thing. It should be passed at national government level and issued as a directive to local councils.”

While a third branded the situation an “insult” to servicemen.

They said: “What a joke and an insult to people and family members that served their country.”

Others expressed that they were “not surprised” that Oldham Council chose not to pass the motion, with one saying the situation shows “there’s no pride in Oldham”.

At the meeting before the vote, the councillor said: “We believe that there is nothing wrong with patriotism or flying our national flag.

“It is one of the many things that bind our society together.”

Express.co.uk readers seemed to agree, with one suggested sacking those who opposed the motion, referring to them as “a disgrace”.

One reader suggested a radical measure to those opposing the motion stating “the government should withhold funding to all those schools and government buildings who refuse to fly the flag or put up a picture of the Queen”.

Another agreed. They said: “Any councils not complying should have funding withheld and the CEO’s fired.”

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Another Express.co.uk reader claimed the motion may not have passed due to large quantities of refugees homed in the Oldham region, claiming that they “probably feel no connection to the UK and its history so will not support flying our national flag” while another put the blame at the feet of “woke left” residents.

Some questioned the patriotism of Britain.

One said: “There’s no British pride in this country anymore!”

While another said: “Why would you not want to fly the national flag?”

One reader also reiterated the idea that the motion “should be a requirement, not a request”, while another said the motion shouldn’t just be limited to schools, stating “every public building should by law fly the flag of our nation – councils, schools, museums.”

Some readers looked at the decline differently though, and questioned whether the refusal of the motion was due to it being interpreted as a “political statement” rather than a gesture of patriotism.

One reader said: “Patriotism is not politics. Many countries fly their flag with pride, Shame they think being British is being political”, while another added “it is not politics. It is our national anthem, our history!”

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