Trump’s final full day in office may come with a wave of pardons.

It is the final full day of the Trump administration. Among the final actions for the outgoing administration: a wave of pardons.

As the Trump era draws to a close, lawmakers returned to Washington on Tuesday, many for the first time since the riot of Jan. 6, as a heavily militarized city remained on edge after the fears of widespread violence over the long weekend never materialized.

As Congress returns, the fate of the Senate trial for President Trump’s second impeachment remains unknown, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not indicated when the House will send the article of impeachment to the Senate. Part of the delay stems from a concern that a trial would hamper the start of the Biden administration, where advisers are growing concerned about the sluggish start to confirming his cabinet nominees.

On Tuesday, multiple nominees will deliver testimony before Senate committees, including Alejandro N. Mayorkas for secretary of homeland security, Avril D. Haines for director of national intelligence, Janet Yellen for Treasury secretary, Antony J. Blinken for secretary of state and Lloyd J. Austin III for defense secretary.

The confirmation hearings will happen in an extraordinarily militarized Washington. Troops from around the country continued to pour into the capital. Apprehension gripped the city; a fire near the Capitol on Monday morning prompted a brief lockdown order.

For his final day in office, Mr. Trump is planning a final wave of dozens of pardons, and those under consideration include Sheldon Silver, the disgraced former New York Assembly speaker, and the rapper Lil Wayne. Though he had previously mused about possibly issuing himself a pardon before he departed the White House, Mr. Trump has, for now, set aside the idea.

The size and precise composition of the list is still being determined, but it is expected to cover at least 60 pardons or commutations and perhaps more than 100.

Physically, the president will be cutting his time in Washington short by a few hours. Rather than remain to greet the incoming first family, Mr. Trump will depart Washington early on Wednesday morning and hold a small, separate event for himself at Joint Base Andrews before continuing onto Florida.

The head usher of the White House will greet the Bidens on their arrival.

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