US election horror: Meet the woman who may be unwittingly responsible for Trump’s defeat

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And the psychology lecturer – who has now received more than 1.7 million votes nationwide – has admitted her surprise that the US President has not yet lashed out at her on Twitter. More than a week after the US went to the polls, Mr Trump is refusing to concede defeat, despite trailing trailing Democrat Joe Biden by more than five million in the popular vote. Mr Trump has made multiple allegations of voter fraud, without citing any evidence to back up his claims – but with the vast majority of votes counted, an examination of tallies in the Keystone State, along with Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia, shows in all three cases, Ms Jorgensen’s total exceeds Mr Biden’s current lead.

I am kind of surprised he has not done that so far but I can tell you I have gotten some angry and emails and an angry voicemail from Trump supporters

Jo Jorgensen

Victory in all four would have given Mr Trump 57 extra electoral college votes – putting him back in the White House.

Ms Jorgensen told Express.co.uk: “With Pennsylvania I did see the margins, but most of the votes would have had to go to Trump and that’s probably not likely although it’s possible.”

With reference to the New York billionaire’s tendency to take potshots at opponents on social media, she added: “I am kind of surprised he has not done that so far but I can tell you I have gotten some angry and emails and an angry voicemail from Trump supporters.

“And I was also getting angry emails from Biden supporters before the election saying was giving the election from Trump.

“‘Thanks to me the country is ruined,’ etc. I got called horrible names, the only reason I was running was because I had a big ego, that sort of thing.

“Whereas if anybody watched me during the campaign, they would say the opposite.

“When I was interviewed and asked when I became interested in politics, my answer was I am still not interested in politics.

“I think the average person knows how to spend the money better than any bureaucrat or special interest in Washington.

“If I had an ego, I would be working as a Democrat or a Republican getting all this special interest money to get my name out there.”

Ms Jorgensen stressed there was no guarantee people who voted for her would have otherwise opted for either Mr Trump or Mr Biden.

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She explained: “After the first Presidential debate my website received so much traffic that it ground to a halt.

“People were looking around saying ‘Oh my gosh, is there any alternative out there?'”

With regard to Mr Trump’s decision to launch multiple legal cases in an apparent attempt to prove his case, Ms Jorgensen said there did not seem to be very much evidence to be back it up.

She added: “I don’t mind Trump going through every legal process he has.

“To me it looks like Biden is actually going to be the winner. However, I don’t begrudge Trump for taking the legal option.

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“He probably won’t get much joy out of that; however if there are people who have proof of irregularities then they should be checked out.

“I don’t think it is going to go anywhere but there it is.

“I think it is just typical human nature and he is being told all these stories about irregularities happening.”

There have been concerns voiced in the US over Mr Trump’s refusal to admit defeat, with some suggesting he is trying to subvert the will of the people.

However, Mr Jorgensen dismissed concerns about any threat to American democracy.

She said: “I don’t think there is going to be any problem in changing governments.

“I have heard anecdotal evidence but anecdotal evidence usually does not stand up.

“I think it is just typical human nature and he is being told all these stories about irregularities happening.”

Mr Trump’s reaction was largely unsurprising, Ms Jorgensen said.

She added: “I am not as against Trump as many people because as a Libertarian I know what it is like to not have the media give me a fair shake.

“I did see the media many times twist what he says so I do have some sympathy for that.

“However, it is hard for me to have a lot of sympathy since he was okay with not including me in the debates.

“He complained about not getting fair media coverage – well at least he GOT media coverage.

“What is frustrating is that a lot of people say well why don’t you change the system so it is not two parties.

“But the thing is the system is not set up to be a two-party system – the system is set up so we can be in there.”

The decision not to allow her to participate in the Presidential debates was nothing to do with Government, but rather to do with the Democrats and the Republicans acting as an “old boy’s club”, she said.

She added: “Had I been on the debate stage I could have put my ideas forth but of course they did not want me to do that.”

Moreover, Ms Jorgensen emphasised Mr Trump’s ideas did not align especially closely to her own.

She said: “Donald Trump is not a friend of Liberty. He has increased the deficit at a faster rate than Obama and that was even before the pandemic.

“As long as government is spending money, that is just taking freedom away from each individual about making their own decisions about how to spend their own money – what kind of school they want to send their kids to, or what kind of retirement they want to have.

“The more money the Government has, the more they are making decisions for us.

“He also said he would start bringing the troops home and he has not done that.

“These aren’t peacekeeping missions – they just make us look like a bully.”

As for President-Elect Biden, she added: “Over the next four years I can see us continuing to go downhill.”

The budget deficit would continue to increase and taxes would continue to rise, she predicted, while there was a reasonable chance of the US becoming involved in more overseas conflicts.

She added: “Now the Democrats are every bit as war-hawkish as the Republicans.”

The Libertarian Party on coronavirus: 

The Libertarian Party is firmly opposed to mandatory wearing of masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, despite the fact that the number of cases in the US rose by 142,846 yesterday.

She said: “Masks may or may not become more popular but this is supposed to be a free country and we should be able to make our own decisions.

“People have this underlying hidden assumption that they don’t say, that basically if the government does not do it it does not get done – for example if the government does not require masks then nobody will wear masks.

“We say that’s not true – Walmart doesn’t care what the laws are, they don’t care what state you are in, if you want to go into a Walmart, regardless of whether the Walmart is, you have to wear a mask and then many other stores followed suit.

“So that just shows you that people and businesses jointly decide that is what they want to do.

“Does that mean that everybody will want to wear masks? No, but what we have now is these videos where people are getting into all-out fist-fights about it. Instead of fighting how about we all live peacefully and those who don’t want to wear masks, let them shop in other shops that don’t require it?”

Stressing it was her personal choice not to wear a mask, she explained: “I do wear masks when I am asked – I did a lot of airline travel and I will wear a mask on a plane, and if I go to a store which requires it I will wear one.

“But there are places I go which do not require one and that is where I prefer. That’s up to me and I accept the consequences.”

Asked how her approach impacted anyone in a workplace which did not require mask-wearing who feared contracting the illness and passing it on to an elderly or vulnerable relative, she said: “They can quit their job and go to another job. That’s what the free market is all about.

“I’d suggest if you work in a place that doesn’t require masks of people, then quit that job and go to another place that does.”

The Libertarian Party on gun control:

The Libertarian Party is also a strong advocate of the 2nd amendment, in other words the right to bear arms.

During the week, commentators including Piers Morgan cited pictures of pro-Trump activists in Arizona’s Maricopa County who were carrying semi-automatic rifles outside a vote-counting centre.

However, Ms Jorgensen was unconcerned, saying: “I had not heard of that particular incident but the sight of a gun can be intimidating which is why you hardly ever hear of mass-shootings outside of gun-free zones.

“Typically people who go on rampages do so in a gun-free zone because there is nobody there who has a gun that is intimidating so they are not worried about being stopped.”

Referring to a fatal shooting in a Texas church last year, she said:

“Luckily there was an armed security guard there and he did not realise he was armed and he shot the guy after he was only able to kill two people.

“So instead of killing 40 or 50 people, there were only two people killed.

“So having the gun there stops some madman from killing people.”

Asked whether the ultimate solution was for every adult American to carry a gun, she said: “It’s up to the individual but I don’t like laws saying you can’t have a gun because then only the people who don’t care about laws will have a gun.”

A total of 37,269 people have died as a result of gun violence in the USA up to and including November 12, according to the Gun Violence Archive website.

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