Voice of the Mirror: Boris Johnson stages clumsy stunt in bid to dodge questions

What gross hypocrisy.

One minute it’s claimed Boris Johnson guards his privacy jealously, then the next moment we see photographs of him in a secret garden with his attentive girlfriend.

This stunt appears to be a clumsy bid by Johnson to dodge questions while conveying a sweet image of a couple united after the mother of all rows.

Cynics cruelly suggesting the photos look as if a young carer, 31, is reassuring a confused patient, 55, may cross a line.

But the expert in crossing lines in the unprincipled pursuit of personal glory is one Boris Johnson.

Everybody’s entitled to a private life but an egomaniac who puts his character at the heart of a plot to be Prime Minister must answer detailed questions about everything.

These include why police were called to a flat by worried neighbours to continued fibs about leaving the EU by Halloween.

Evading scrutiny then pulling desperate stunts does tell us one thing we need to know. That Johnson is unfit to be PM.

A costly error

Even diehard royalists will blanch at the £2.4million and counting splashed on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new home.

Transforming Frogmore Cottage into a mini-palace for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is jarring in an era of Tory austerity when working families are stuck on council waiting lists and distressed folk sleep on the streets.

Royals should beware of appearing dangerously out of touch with the total Sovereign Grant topping £82million before many other costs, particularly security, are included.

Popularity is hard won, easily lost.

Get well, Prezza

John Prescott’s a national treasure, the working class hero who went from a council house to be Deputy Prime Minister.

We wish the old seadog a swift and full recovery at a time when Lord Prescott’s famously punchy views are sorely needed.

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