Voice of the Mirror: Foul Farage is no patriot after those words

Nigel Farage is living proof that ­patriotism is the last refuge of a ­scoundrel.

The Brexit Party leader poses as someone who loves his country right down to flaunting Union Jack socks.

If you were in any doubt this was the act of a snake oil salesman look at his comments made to right wingers in Australia.

His cheap shots at Prince Charles and the Queen Mother were pathetic, unwarranted and unpleasant.

The attack on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex come across as thinly disguised racism.

You do not have to be a royalist to recognise these were disgusting remarks made by a ­loudmouth popinjay who feasts on prejudice.

His jaundiced comments show Farage up for what he is: a self-promoting, plastic patriot who loves himself more than his country.

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