Words ‘Brexit’ and ‘HM Government’ banned by Wales

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Workers are puzzled by the “do not use” list of politically correct words and phrases in the A to Z style guide, which was updated this month.

There are more rules laid down in Cardiff than in the Westminster guide for civil servants over the border.

One Welsh civil servant said: “The only one missing isW for woke.

“It is just becoming so nitpicking… well, if I was allowed to say that.”

Another civil servant said: “If you ask the ordinary person in the street then they still call it the Welsh Assembly.

“But we are now banned from saying that – it has to be Welsh Government or the Welsh Parliament. It is like looking over your shoulder every time you send an email.”

Under “Brexit”, staff are told: “Brexit has happened. Use ‘transition period’ to refer to the time between 1 February and 31 December 2020.”

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Also banned is the phrase Her Majesty’s Government.

The guide says: “UK government. Never HM government.”

Another one banned is BAME, a common acronym for black, Asian and minority ethnic. The guide says: “Do not use this. Use Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. For any subsequent references on the same page use ‘ethnic minority’ or ‘ethnic minority communities’.”

Civil servants are also blocked from saying “able-bodied”or “vulnerable.” The book says: “Do not use this. Use non-disabled.

“Do not use to refer to disabled people. Disabled people are often described as vulnerable and this is often wrong and does nothing to promote equality.”

The Welsh Conservative Senedd leader Andrew RT Davies said the Labour government in Wales “has well and truly lost the plot”.

He said: “Only last week, we had ministers cancelling ‘women’ from sex education in Wales, and now they’re consigning Brexit and Her Majesty to the political correctness bin.

“It’s a bonkers misuse of public money and a complete and utter waste of time. The Labour Welsh government has much more important things it should be tackling.”

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