‘You’re wasting your time, Sturgeon!’ Britons lash out at SNP’s £2.1million indyref fund

Nicola Sturgeon faces questions on Scottish elections

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The Scottish Government has repeatedly said a pro-independence majority in Holyrood after May’s elections should mean the Government has to back down on another independence referendum. This is despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning it should be up to 40 years before another vote is held after Scottish people voted against independence with a majority of 55 percent in 2014. But the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon appears to be undeterred by his words as it was revealed by Express.co.uk yesterday the party is set to hold a new virtual campaign rally that will spread the independence message next month.

Readers were quick to share their fury at the SNP’s plan to promise to seek another vote if the party wins the election.

One wrote: ‘What a waste of money. Catch up Sturgeon, you’re wasting your time.”

Another reader asked: “Where has the money come from?”

A third person did not mince their words as they criticised Mrs Sturgeon for wanting to break up a “family of unity” between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

They said: “The SNP would be quite happy in breaking up a family of unity.

“The plain is to gain independence, join the EU after four years and then lose your independence again whilst the rest of Britain is doing well.”

And a fourth person simply added: “Sturgeon will sink Scotland.”

The SNP’s National Executive Committee will contribute £600,000 towards “preparations” for another referendum.

This will be on top of the £1.5million that has been set aside to launch the party’s election campaign.

During a meeting on Sunday, it was revealed the campaign rally will set out the party’s “message for the election in May, and will be the largest online event of its kind”.

The minutes said: “The 2021 budget was agreed, including £1.5m Holyrood election spend, £600k this financial year for referendum preparations, plus new Headquarters staff to support local government and the complaints processes overseen by the National Secretary.”

In a speech to the SNP’s virtual conference last year, Ms Sturgeon said she wanted Scottish people to back the call to hold another vote “for a legal independence referendum to be held in the early part of the new parliament” – potentially in Autumn 2021.

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She said: “I’m not ruling anything out, I’m not ruling anything in.”

Ms Sturgeon also hinted legal action could be taken if Mr Johnson blocks another vote.

She said: “That inalienable right of self-determination cannot, and will not, be subject to a Westminster veto.

“We are seeing across the Atlantic, what happens to those who try to hold back the tide of democracy. They get swept away.”

The minister has also insisted an independent Scotland will join the EU.

Shortly after the Brexit transition period ended at 11pm on December 31, she even told Europe that Scotland would be back soon if it become independent.

She wrote on Twitter: “Scotland will be back soon, Europe. Keep the light on.”

Speaking during a tour of Covid vaccination projects in Scotland last month, Mr Johnson urged Scottish nationalists to stop “talking endlessly” about another independence referendum.

He said the focus should be on recovering from the devastating pandemic.

He said: “I don’t think that the right thing to do is to talk endlessly about another referendum when I think what the people of the country and the people of Scotland want in particular is to fight this pandemic.

“I don’t see the advantage of getting lost in pointless constitutional wrangling when after all we had a referendum not so very long ago.”

Earlier today, Mrs Sturgeon said the latest daily covid figures in Scotland show there were 715 new coronavirus cases recorded in the past 24 hours and no deaths.

Additional reporting by Richard Percival.

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