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1,600 hotel guests secretly filmed on hidden cameras in South Korea

1,600 hotel guests were secretly filmed on cameras hidden in wall sockets, with footage livestreamed to paying customers, South Korean police reveal

  • More than 1,600 hotel guests secretly filmed in cities across South Korea
  • Cameras set up in 30 hotels in ten cities, in sockets and hairdryer holders 
  • Men ran members’ website where users could watch the ‘spycam videos’
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Two South Korean men have been arrested after allegedly installing spy cameras in dozens of hotel rooms, secretly recording more than 1,600 guests and live-streaming the footage.

The men are accused of installing cameras in electrical sockets, hairdryer holders and digital TV boxes in 30 hotels in ten cities across South Korea, local police said.

They would then broadcast the footage on a website with thousands of members, charging a $44.95 monthly fee, CNN reports. 

Hidden cameras: The men behind the website are accused of installing cameras in electrical sockets, wall outlets (left) and hairdryer holders (right) in 30 hotels across South Korea

‘There was a similar case in the past where illegal cameras were installed in (hotels) and were consistently and secretly watched, but this is the first time the police caught where videos were broadcast live on the internet,’ police told CNN.

South Korea has been battling a growing epidemic of so-called ‘molka’ – spycam videos mostly showing women, having been secretly filmed by men in schools, toilets and offices.

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‘Revenge porn’- videos taken of sexual relations without the partner’s consent – is believed to be equally widespread.

Thousands of women protested in Seoul last year on several occasions against the videos as part of the country’s growing #MeToo movement.

The hotel spy-cam case comes just days after a number of high-profile K-pop stars resigned from showbusiness after admitting to filming and distributing illicit sex videos, filmed without consent, or watching them. 

K-pop singer Jung Joon-young (pictured) has retired from showbusiness amid allegations he shot and shared sexual imagery without his partners’ consent

Anto: Protesters shout slogans during a rally against ‘spy-cam porn’, also known as ‘molka’ in central Seoul in August last year

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young, 30 last week admitted to filming himself having sex and sharing the footage without his partners’ consent.

The videos of at least ten women were shared through mobile chatrooms in 2015 with recipients including fellow K-pop star Seungri of BIGBANG.

The scandal resulted in Jung and Seungri as well as two other male singers resigning from the entertainment business after admitting they watched the illicit videos. 

Seoul Police have launched an investigation into the allegations and an arrest warrant has been requested for Jung on charges of sexual offences using cameras, according to Yonhap news agency. 

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