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A round-up of CCTV clips showing instant karma for crooks

Instant karma! From creeps picking on the wrong women to thugs bullying helpless pensioners, sometimes the universe decides to dish out instant payback – just sit back and watch…

  • MailOnline looks back on different moments of instant karma caught on video 

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, they say.

Over the years, CCTV has caught many unlucky thieves, muggers and crooks biting off more than they can chew, targeting the wrong person and ending upon their backs.

It is a swift lesson in consequence when a criminal is outmatched by their victim, a vigilante or the natural laws of physics.

MailOnline has rounded up some of the best moments of instant karma caught on camera.

Rejected man pours drink over Muay Thai fighter of 12 years – and regrets it 

Whoops! This is the moment a reveller who poured his drink over a girl who rejected his advances experienced some instant karma – when she turned out to be a Muay Thai boxer.

Chainarong Mareejan, 35, asked Pareploy Saeaia, 25, for her number at a street restaurant in Bangkok in the early hours of Sunday morning, February 6. The young woman declined, invoking his ire. 

Mareejan is seen on CCTV walking up behind her table and pouring his beer over her head, before coolly walking off. It would be a decision he would soon come to regret, as the camera cuts to her confidently confronting him in the street.

Saeaia, a trained Muay Thai fighter of 12 years, kicks out as he walks away. She kicks again, and then throws a punch. While people try to restrain her, the young woman has seen red and adopts a fighting stance.

In the meantime, another defender gets involved and suffers a few blows. But this only seems to frustrate Saeaia more, who charges back into action, delivering a string of blows to Mareejan’s face and leg.

For another two minutes, Saeaia circles and lashes out at her attacker as others struggle to hold her back. Mareejan eventually gets on a moped and rides away – having learned a valuable lesson. 

A spurned reveller who poured his drink over a girl after she rejected his advances suffered an embarrassing bout of instant karma – after she turned out to be a Muay Thai boxer (Pareploy pictured throwing a kick at Chainarong, who is seen just behind Pareploy)

Pareploy Saeaia, 25, stood up for herself when a rejected reveller poured a beer over her

Woman holds phone thief in Jiu Jitsu hold for 20 minutes until cops arrive

Many in Brazil also train in a martial art from a young age – something crooks might want to bear in mind before picking a fight with the wrong person.

This is the moment 22-year-old Sabina Leites left 18-year-old Magdeel da Silva screaming and in tears after he tried to steal her phone.

The jiu-jitsu fighter of four years was standing outside her family home in Manaus when da Silva and an accomplice pulled up on a motorcycle and demanded her phone.

But according to Brazilian news outlet D24AM, Leites was ready for it – having had four phones snatched in past home invasions. 

The aspiring flight attendant is seen having already floored her assailant and put him in a steady armlock, which she was reported to have held him in for 20 minutes before police arrived.

‘When you have the technique you know how to act in a situation of immobilisation because all this is a technique of immobilisation,’ Leites said.

Da Silva was arrested and charged with attempted robbery. 

An aspiring flight attendant from Brazil took matters into her own hands and prevented a cell phone thief from escaping by placing an arm-bar on him for almost 20 minutes before cops arrived to make the arrest

Bully gets instant karma after tormenting pensioner when a group of men step in to teach him a lesson 

CCTV caught the moment a thug was confronted after beating up an elderly man in a lift in Taiwan.

The attacker, named Hu, was getting into the lift at a karaoke bar when the frail man closed accidentally shut the doors on him.

Hu was seen to harass the older man as he tried to apologise for the mistake.

Footage shows him pushing the old man around, grabbing him and getting in his face.

Hu gives the man a harsh shove at one point, before finally backing off and leaving.

He then continued to throw his weight around and pester the old man in the lobby. 

The bullying was eventually seen by a group of vigilantes, who came to the elderly man’s aid and pounced on Hu and his posse.

The bully cowered as he was beaten by the vigilantes who bashed him with what appeared to be a motorcycle helmet as he lay on the floor. 

Taichung police arrived at the scene after the brawl and took in Hu, the old man, and the group of vigilantes for questioning at the station. 

Hu reportedly had mild injuries and scratches. Both parties have declined to press charges against each other. 

Hu, wearing a blue shirt, started to accost an elderly man in the orange after the lift doors were accidentally closed on him

The argument went on until several men came rushing out of the lift and pounced on Hu and his friends

Waitress sits down man who gropes her at work

This is the moment a waitress showed she wasn’t playing around with a customer who appeared to sexually harass her at her place of work, Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, Georgia.

Ryan Cherwinski, pictured in a red shirt and blue shorts, grabs the woman on his way past.

Waitress Emelia Holden, here 21, quickly puts him in his place, running after him, pulling him and throwing him into the furniture.

The flurry is enough to make another customer, seated, turn around.

The man, apparently stunned, is left to sit and think about how to conduct himself. 

Waitress Emelia Holden told People: ‘When I felt that happen, my first thought was that it was one of my friends… it was a really intimate touch.

‘His hand went further than it should have so I was thinking, there’s no way a stranger just did that.

‘I just did it. I didn’t even know I could do that. I don’t care who you are. You have no right to disrespect me.’ 

A man walking past, pictured in a red shirt and blue shorts, seems to think it is appropriate to grab at the woman

‘I don’t care who you are. You have no right to disrespect me’ said victim Emelia Holden

Bag thief is rammed three times by truck before speeding off in backwards pursuit

This is the extraordinary moment a vigilante stepped in to save a woman from having her bag stolen.

CCTV footage shows a man on a motorcycle stopping and dismounting to snatch a bag from a pedestrian.

In a stroke of good fortune, a driver in a large Chevrolet turns the corner to see it unfold.

With less care for the state of his vehicle, he drives slowly up to the thief and rams him off the getaway bike.

The man falls and scrambles to pull the bike up.

In the meantime, the driver reverses and takes another run up. Smack.

The crook again struggles awkwardly to pick up the fallen motorcycle.

Finally he does, and the Chevvy driver gives a third and final warning.

The cyclist gets up a fourth time – incredibly – and decides to ride off without the bag.

The skilled driver throws the car into reverse and chases him backwards down the street as the victim recovers her bag.

Animal abuser bangs head after mistiming kick

This is the moment a ‘drunk’ man in Revda, Russia, was caught lashing out at a passing dog – and getting his comeuppance. 

The man is seen staggering around on a road before aiming a kick at an approaching dog.

He pulls his leg back and takes a swing, but misses and loses his balance.

The man falls forward into the snow, hitting his head on the bumper of a parked car and setting off the alarm.

The dog, meanwhile, looks back as it trots away.

A lesson learned!

The momentum causes the man to fall forward into the snow, smashing a car’s rear bumper

Pickpocket is thrown across a bus by female victim 

This thief learned a hard lesson after choosing the wrong victim to pickpocket on a bus in China.

The man approaches his victim, who appears distracted by her phone, and is seen trying to loosen the straps on her bag. 

He then changes tactic, standing behind her and slowly placing his hand in her bag.

The woman notices and grabs his hand, calling out and confronting the thief.

As he protests, she appears to throw him back, yanking on his arm.

She then stamps on his foot, throws him across the bus and kicks him in the side in one swift motion.

The man falls dramatically back over the seats behind him and the camera cuts. 

Shoplifter gets locked out of the getaway car

This video appears to show the moment a shoplifter is left behind during a heist.

The short clip shows a woman clutching a mix of clothes trying to get into the back of a car.

After a couple of attempts, she realises the door is still locked – and so does the driver.

Rather than taking any chances, the driver speeds off, leaving the alleged shoplifter standing awkwardly in the car park.

She drops the clothes and appears to curse at the car as it approaches the exit.

An official starts to chase her down, prompting her to run.

But soon enough, the camera cuts to her arrest – the getaway vehicle nowhere to be seen.

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