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Absent dads made to pay record £1billion in child maintenance for their kids last year

ABSENT dads were made to pay a record £1billion for their children last year.

The Child Maintenance Service had to intervene in thousands of cases, figures show.

One father with £70,000 stashed in the bank had neglected to pay his fair share of support. 

Investigators tracked him down at a new address, they traced his accounts through a credit reference agency and recouped a £10,000 lump sum.

Another dad in denial stacked up nearly £11,000 in unpaid maintenance. He was found guilty of wilful refusal to pay and forced to send £500 a month towards his share.

His ex who has full-time care of their child said: “I’m glad I stuck with my case. I thank the CMS for their persistence. It wasn’t just about the money, it was also final recognition that our child does exist as there was no contact before.

"My son is planning to go to university when he’s older so this money will help with costs.”

Work and pensions minister ­Baroness Stedman-Scott said: “In just 12 months, a record £1billion in payments was lined up. We will use all the powers we have to make sure children get support.

“These payments can make all the difference in low-income households.”

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