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Adrenaline junkie slips during somersault on roof of Moscow skyscraper

Thrills and spills! Adrenaline junkie does a handstand on a roof hundreds of feet above Moscow – and slips as he somersaults on a glass skyscraper roof in nerve-shredding footage

  • Vovan Bloger, 30, seen slipping after doing backwards somersault on skyscraper
  • Footage shared on his Instagram also shows Russian jumping between rooftops
  • Russian daredevil says he has been practising parkour since he was just 16 

This is the heart-stopping moment a Russian adrenaline junkie performed a handstand and somersaults on the roofs of Moscow skyscrapers. 

In footage shared on his Instagram page, Vovan Bloger, 30, can be seen standing on his hands on the edge of a rooftop several hundred metres above the ground. 

He can also be seen slipping on a sloping glass roof of a skyscraper as he lands from a backwards somersault, but just manages to stop himself from falling off.  

In a series of videos shared on his Instagram page, Vovan Bloger, 30, can be seen standing on his hands on the edge of a rooftop in Moscow

Vovan (pictured) has been practicing his parkour skills since he was just 16

Vovan is seen performing a backwards somersault on top of a building in the Russian capital

Moment Vovan performs a backwards somersault on a glass slope of a skyscraper in Moscow before slipping as he lands

The snaking Volga river which runs through the Russian capital can be seen hundreds of feet below while the city’s business district can be seen in the distance.

The daredevil is later seen performing several parkour stunts, including jumping between roofs and leaping down from high walls and structures. 

Vovan has been practising his skills since he was just 16.

He said: ‘My friends and I went to the rooftop to take new photos from the roof during the sunset. 

‘I thought that a handstand would look spectacular. 

‘Friends discouraged me but after assessing all the risks I decided to do it.

‘I have been doing parkour for almost 15 years now. 

‘My body is always in good shape. It allows me to do things that many untrained people cannot do.

Vivan jumps between rooftops as he performs his dangerous parkour stunts 

‘I love to challenge myself. I want to do a somersault on one of the stars of Stalin’s skyscrapers in Moscow.’

It comes after another Russian YouTuber almost plunged 25 floors to his death in July 2019 when he misjudged a jump.   

Sergey Shorokhov captured the hair-raising moment on a camera held in his mouth as he jumped from ledge to ledge on the roof of a high rise building.

As he is filming the reckless leap he can be heard singing in Russian before misjudging the distance and falling off, catching himself in a split second on some electrical wires. 

The parkour runner, Sergey Shorokhov, misses his jump and falls off high-rise roof, catching himself on electric wires

‘Hold on’ shouts his friend in Russian as he tries to pull him up, Mr Shorokhov said the electric current was trying to ‘throw me down’

Mr Shorokhov said the wires were shocking him and making it difficult to hold on, however he decided that was his only option. 

Thankfully his friend who is also on the rooftop rushed to his aid, pulling him to safety despite the danger that he could be shocked himself.  

Mr Shorokhov said: ‘I was in the arms of death and was born a second time.

‘I got scars on my stomach and fingers… An experience that will last a lifetime. Thank you to Zlat, for saving me.

‘The electric current tried to throw me down but world still need me I feel. 

‘My mission isn’t over yet. But I’m glad we met face-to-face, Death. Because happiness in me became much more.’ 

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