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Adrian Jones death – Evil stepmum who beat son, 7, to death then fed him to pigs complained on Facebook he was a 'psychopath' and that 'pain compliance' didn't stop him misbehaving

CHILLING new documents reveal a woman who beat her seven-year-old stepson to death then fed him to pigs had previously made numerous references to killing him on social media.

Heather Jones, along with her husband Michael, subjected Michael's son Adrian, 7, to a horrendous nine month-long campaign of torture and abuse.

Among other things, the cruel couple forced him to stand overnight in freezing water, beat him until he bled and zapped him with a stun gun.

The abuse was so bad the youngster's ankles were left bent out of shape and he died scar-ridden and emaciated.

Heather, 31, and Michael, 46, are now both serving life sentences. Michael will not be paroled for another 25 years.



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This week new documents emerged detailing how Heather had aired frustrations on social media about caring for Adrian at the couple's house of horrors.

According to The Kansas City Star, she wrote on Facebook: "I have a psychopath I'm giving away for free today.

"He broke out last night and (expletive) my kitchen and everything I had baked up.

"I'm beyond pissed and he's running laps around my pool and doing push ups till I'm tired unless someone wants him.

"I can't shoot him unfortunately but I work the (expletive) outta him til I feel better!!"

She also claimed Adrian had tried to stab her and openly spoke about using belts, bandages and handcuffs to restrain him.

Heather had told authorities Adrian had been abused before coming to live with the couple.

She described him as being "a psychopath, like a serial killer", The Huron Daily Tribune reported.

In a private Facebook group, she complained about his behaviour and stated that "pain compliance does not work".

She also said that he "has to be restrained 95% of the time".

Most chillingly, she made a reference to an episode of The Walking Dead in which a child character is killed after being told to look at some flowers.

"Walking Dead 'look at the pretty flowers' yea I'm bout to pull that," she wrote on Christmas Day, 2014.

Three days later, she wrote that she "might be the next (redacted) and have to feed some pigs a body".

It was in November 2015 that authorities visited the property and discovered tragic Adrian's had in fact been fed to pigs.

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