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Animal who butchered own mum and took blood stained selfies with her body caged

A man who slaughtered his own mother took a selfie with her body as his hands dripped in her blood has been given 20 years behind bars.

David Sumney, 33, from Pennsylvania, USA, took 275 photographs with the body of Margaret Sumney, 67, in august 2019.

The sisters of his mother have been left incensed after he escaped a first-degree murder charge by entering a plea deal.

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Instead, he was charged with murder of the third degree, the Mirror reports.

The killing took place in Pennsylvania but Sumney soon booked a hotel room in Philidelphia where he gave a pair of earrings belonging to his mother to the manager.

"From a special lady to a special lady," he said.

He was later found in possession of Margaret’s debit card, necklace, bracelet, and three cheques.

Prosecutors said that in 2020 his internet search history turned up asking: “how long does it take before a body starts to decompose?' and "how long do you wait to dispose of a body?"

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Margaret's older sister, Mary Ellen, wanted her nephew to receive the death penalty.

Speaking to the court, Margret’s niece, Margo, said: "He is the epitome of pure evil. We will never find peace with any of this,” having described a “metallic smell” in the property where the killing took place.

Sumney’s half-sister, Ellen, who didn’t attend the court because she felt “repeatedly ignored” said via video link: "You broke her back. You paralysed our mother. And then you just beat her and beat her. The blood was splattered along the walls.

"But I think the sickest part is the pictures. The 277 pictures. You only take pictures if you want to go back and see what you did."

She also suffered broken ribs and a spinal fracture, Allegheny County Medical Examiner's Office said, with cuts also found across her body.

Sumney was described as a “monster” by aunt Mary Ellen, who added: “David, she gave you everything she had. And when she didn't have anything else to give, you killed her.

"I had no idea you were this kind of monster. And I'm still upset you were not prosecuted to the fullest. This was first-degree murder."

Chris Patterini, Sumney’s lawyer, said his client has “expressed remorse” claiming a seven-year sentence would have sufficed.

The Allegheny County Office of the District Attorney, however, said that “justice was served” following the sentencing.

The judge said: "Cases are resolved on a regular basis against the wishes of family members… and sometimes even victims,” despite the protests from Margaret’s family.

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