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Apple Watch saves life of woman who had been ‘buried alive’ by her husband

A woman who was buried alive by her ex-husband was able to summon help because she was still wearing her Apple Watch.

The woman from Washington state in the US managed to activate the watch’s Emergency SOS feature after her husband, 53-year-old Chae Kyong An, tied her up and threw her into a shallow grave.

When a Thurston County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at the house in Lacey, about 60 miles southwest of Seattle, the victim emerged from behind a shed and told him: “My husband is trying to kill me”.

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“She had duct tape still wrapped around her neck, lower face and ankles," a police report said.

"There was extensive bruising to her legs, arms and head and her clothing and hair were covered in dirt.”

Her husband had attacked her after they had met up to discuss financial matters relating to their divorce.

The victim told police her husband had tied her up and forced her into a van before driving her to a remote location.

She added that she could hear him digging a hole. He stabbed her, before throwing her into the improvised grave.

“She was [dragged] and put into the ground. … A heavy tree was put on top of her,” a police report said. “After being put into the ground she could hear her husband walking around the hole and dirt being put on top of her.”

She could barely breathe with the earth blocking her mouth and nose but managed to wriggle around and create a small air pocket.

She remained there for some hours, before digging herself out.

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She told investigators her husband had threatened to kill her before. She said he had told her he would “rather kill her than give her his retirement money,” the probable cause report said.

Chae Kyong An, is now facing multiple charges, reports NBC News, including first-degree attempted murder, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree assault.

He is currently being held without the possibility of bail.

He had used gaffer tape to bind his wife's hands behind her back and wound more tape around her eyes, thighs and ankles, court documents say.

She told investigators she managed to call the emergency number with her Apple Watch. Emergency operators heard a woman “screaming” who sounded as if she were “gagged”.


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