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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ dad taunted grandma saying she’d ‘never see him again’

The grandma of tragic boy Arthur Labinjo-Hughes has revealed her grandson's dad Thomas Hughes taunted her with sick messages saying she would never see the child again.

Madeleine Harcrow appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Tuesday where she broke down in tears as she described the last time she saw her grandson.

In an emotional interview, she said she last saw Arthur in October 2019 before briefly reuniting with him in hospital shortly before his tragic death.

It comes a day after it was announced an official inquiry into Arthur Labinjo-Hughes' death will start next week.

"On October 23, out of the blue, I received a WhatsApp message from his dad saying, 'you're never seeing him again, he's not seeing his mother again'," she said.

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"He's not going to have any letters of his mother again, and he's not speaking to his mother again. And that was it.

"That was the last time I saw him until intensive care."

Madeleine continued: "I kept emailing him, WhatsApping him, asking why and he said, 'I've got my reasons'.

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"And when it came up in court it was all different reasons so I still don't know why I was stopped from seeing Arthur."

She added that Hughes' own parents had spotted bruises on the tragic six-year-old's body and had raised concerns.

Madeleine said the pair had shared pictures of the boy showing marks on his left shoulder, which she claimed showed a pattern of consistent abuse on the child.

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She added: "I am angry with the inter agencies because somewhere along the line communication hasn't been passed along.

"The old adage 'If it isn't broke, don't fix it'… Well, something is broken in this system and something needs fixing."

Asked about sentencing for Arthur's killers, she said: "Life should mean life. They took Arthur's life, he's not going to get his life back, he's not going to have children of his own."

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She branded Hughes and step-mum Emma Tustin as "depraved, sadistic, torturous, evil, calculating people," who had shown "no remorse, no sympathy".

At the weekend, it was reported Arthur's step-mum had been attacked with salt in prison by inmates at HMP Peterborough.

On Friday, December 3, Tustin, 32, refused to enter the courtroom for sentencing after being found guilty on Thursday, December 2 of murdering her step-child at Coventry Crown Court.

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She carried out the fatal assault while in the sole care of Arthur at her home in Solihull, West Midlands, where she violently shook him and repeatedly banged his head against a wall.

Hughes, 29, was found guilty of manslaughter after his son suffered the "unsurvivable brain injury" on June 16 last year.

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