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Astrid Wett branded ‘massive b*tch’ after telling rival she made her famous

TikTok and Pornhub's Astrid Wett has been branded a "massive b*tch" after telling her boxing rival she 'made her'.

Wett and Keeley Colbran engaged in some online trash talk ahead of the bout in the ring at the Misfits Boxing and DAZN event at Sheffield's Utilita Arena on October 15.

During a live stream, shared by Misfits Boxing, TikTok personalities Astrid and Keeley cranked up the heat on their rivalry with some scalding shade hurled at one another.

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Keeley whose dad Simple Simon has over 250,000 more TikTok followers than Astrid, looked shocked at her opponent's claim that neither of them would be famous without her.

Astrid said: "What makes me laugh is that you would not be known unless it was your dad. You're literally known for being Simple Simon's daughter.

"And to be fair, Simple Simon when I first met him had 30K followers. I literally made Simple Simon.

She continued in her one-upmanship: "Also if you forget when we went to Nottingham, I collabed with you and you gained 60,000 followers so I actually think you should be a little bit humble, because without me or your dad nobody would know who you are."

A quick glance at the post's comments section suggests Astrid may be distorting reality ever so slightly as she and the others benefited from videos with back garden goalkeeping star, Cal the Dragon.

Clearly not in the mood to challenge Astrid's bold statements, university student Keeley rolled her eyes and hit back: "Even though you're a massive b*tch but yeah whatever."

In a snappy reply, which left Keeley silently laughing with her hand over her mouth, Astrid replied: "You're the only one that thinks so."

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Who else but Keeley's dad couldn't help but make a comment of his own on the clip.

"Is she having a laugh," Simple Simon asked.

Astrid announced news of the fight to her fans last month: "It's happening guys… after having to pull out of a rubbish boxing card back in May, I'm so privileged to be fighting with one of the best boxing companies in the world. So I can't wait to see all of you there and Keeley, I'm coming for ya."

Missfits Boxing released a video on Friday of Astrid training hard in the gym after her previous punching form was mocked on social media.


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