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Astrid Wett tells boxing opponent ‘your creep dad asked me to be your stepmum’

OnlyFans model Astrid Wett claimed that her upcoming boxing opponent's dad "wanted me to be your stepmum" in a heated pre-fight press conference.

The porn star is set to face off against TikToker Keeley Colbran at Utilita Arena in Sheffield on Saturday (October 15).

The bout comes after Astrid pulled out of a fight against OnlyFans rival Elle Brooke earlier this year.

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Keeley is the daughter of Simple Simon, another TikToker who boxed earlier this year. Astrid, Keeley and Simon have all appeared in TikTok videos together in the past, but not for some time now.

At the press conference today (Thursday, October 13) Astrid seemed to suggest that Simple Simon had sought a relationship with her.

When asked if the fight was personal, Keeley said: "I suppose it is a little bit more personal yeah… I wanted to have some motivation to get back fit again like I used to and do something different.

"But it definitely is personal after she chatted s*** about my dad."

The exchange after that went as follows.

Astrid: "Keeley asked for a fight for whatever reason she has, I don't really give a s*** about Simple Simon.

Keeley: "Is that why you call him a creep in nearly every interview? You obviously do care about him."

Astrid: "Because he is a creep."

Keeley: "All you do is talk about him and now you say you don't care about him – you clearly do."

Astrid: "I couldn't give a s*** about your dad. Do you know he wanted me to be your stepmum at one point, so I'd shut your mouth."

Laughing it off, Keeley muttered: "I can't argue with that."

This comes after Astrid and Keeley appeared on a livestream going at each other. Keeley looked particularly taken aback when Astrid suggest she and her dad would not be famous without her.

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Astrid said: "What makes me laugh is that you would not be known unless it was your dad. You're literally known for being Simple Simon's daughter.

"And to be fair, Simple Simon when I first met him had 30K followers. I literally made Simple Simon."


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