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Baby killed after monkeys invade home and snatch him from breastfeeding mum

A one-month-old baby boy died from injuries after a group of monkeys kidnapped him from his mum’s arms.

Shayima Said was breastfeeding her son Luhaiba outside their house in the village of Mwamgongo, in western Tanzania, on Tuesday.

This was a completely normal scene until a gang of monkeys broke into the family home and kidnapped Luhaiba.

Shayima screamed for help and a group of villagers rushed to try and get Luhaiba back.

They ‘used force’ against the monkeys and Luhaiba got hurt on his head and his neck, The Citizen reported.

The community eventually rescued Luhaiba and he was taken into emergency care.

But the baby boy sadly died while he was being treated.

It is currently unknown what type of monkey was involved in the tragedy but it is believed the group came from Gombe National Park.

This is a game reserve which borders the village of Mwamgongo.

Police commander James Manyama said: ‘Incidents of animals invading villages are not uncommon.’

Locals have been told to stay on the lookout for the animals. The Said family has not yet been pictured.

Gombe National Park is where famous British primatologist Dr Jane Goodall studied endangered chimpanzees.

The animal-lover was passionate about putting ‘local communities at the heart of conservation’ to make it successful for both people and animals.

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