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Baby’s decomposing body found under bed while mum was filmed partying

A baby was found dead under a bed in a rancid flat, a mere matter of hours after its mum was allegedly caught on camera partying. During a police raid on a property, the body of the decomposing three-month-old was discovered inside a locked room.

The authorities found three other children left to their own devices in a squalid home in a city in the Greater São Paulo metropolitan area of Brazil.

The baby is believed to have died a number of weeks prior to being discovered. The cause of death appeared to be starvation.

Neighbours reported a repugnant smell emanating from the property to police, who duly raided the home and discovered the keyhole on the door of the room the baby was found in was stuffed with cotton wool.

The other children found in the property were unable to get to their sibling in the locked room.

Soiled mattresses, broken toys and decaying rubbish were strewn across the disgusting property in Itapevi.

Reports claim that the children’s mum was not present when the police arrived at the property on March 22.

Brazilian news outlet Diario de Goias reported that neighbours told the authorities that the mum, who prevented their dad from seeing his kids, left the children for extended periods to go out on the town.

Having been located by authorities, she was cross examined before being released on bail.

The charges against her are child abandonment, child mistreatment, concealment of a corpse, and homicide.

Although the cause of death has not been confirmed, police believe that starvation is what killed the baby. The investigation continues.

A similarly morbid case was reported in Brazil last year.

In July 2022 a famished baby was discovered in her cot, as her murdered mum’s corpse lay next to her.

This time it wasn’t the authorities that came across the awful scene. Instead, locals hired a locksmith and broke into the apartment in São Paulo, after hearing a child persistently crying.

Inside the property, they found Sandra Maria de Sousa Silva dead on her bed, as her eight-month old baby starved in her cot.

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