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Barmy eco-warriors claim knitted Christmas crackers will save the environment

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Eco-jokers claim knitted Christmas crackers can help save the planet.

They want the paper and card versions replaced with stitched and cloth varieties that can be refilled with homemade trinkets and dodgy jokes every year.

Richard Benwell, head of Wildlife and Countryside Link, said: “Loads of people are coming up with clever ideas to make reusable crackers – ones you can use year in, year out, and fill with your own jokes.

“You can make sure the person gets something they actually want rather than a disposable hair clip.

“The green agenda is hitting Christmas. We are starting to see options where if you buy a cracker some of the money is going to a good cause.

“What more pleasure can you have to know that while you enjoy Christmas dinner you are doing a little bit of good?”

The internet is filled with offerings of cloth crackers, which are not pulled with a bang, but by unwrapping string at
either end.

One line of linen crackers being sold online costs £10.50 per cracker – with gags on pieces of wood.

Among the clangers is: “Why has Santa been banned from sooty chimneys? Carbon footprint.”

There are also calls for Christmas wrapping and non-biodegradable Christmas glitter to be banned to reduce waste.

It has been estimated that more than 40million Christmas crackers end up tossed in the trash within minutes of their use on December 25 – with many of them containing single-use plastic toys.

John Lewis and Waitrose said in 2019 that crackers they stocked would be filled with toys made from recyclable materials.

Bosses at waste management firm Business Waste say festive rubbish mountains are “appalling”.

Spokesman Mark Hall said: “When you think what goes into a Christmas cracker – the plastic toy, the snap, the shiny paper hat, the ribbons – millions are pulled and immediately binned. It’s madness.”

People are also being urged to stop washing every day and only wash 20 items of clothing a month.

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