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BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of record-breaking frost ahead of mini heatwave

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts frost and misty conditions

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April has seen a record number of frosts for the UK with temperatures plummetting at night as clear skies bring in cold weather and they will continue through Wednesday and Thursday nights. Temperatures will remain mild through Wednesday once the cool weather shifts with rain expected in northerly areas. But it will heat up more on Thursday as Liverpool is expected to see temperatures of 17 degrees with mild weather across the UK.

Carol Kirkwood said it will be a “murky start” to Wednesday in the Southeastern area of England with “dense fog in parts of Kent and Essex.”

She added: “A weather front sinking south with cloud and patchy rain

“Northern Ireland, Northern England and Scotland where there is cloud, it will brighten up and will see some sunshine.”

The weather presenter went on to say that after a cold start on Wednesday “temperatures will be picking up, 14 degrees in Glasgow, 15 in Liverpool but highest temperatures are likely to be in the South west, Cardiff and also Plymouth seeing 16 degrees.”

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Kirkwood added: “Through tonight and overnight on Wednesday, skies will clear quite readily.

“We will see some mist and fog patches forming across the East Midlands and parts of eastern England.”

But Kirkwood warned it’s going to be a frosty night on Wednesday evening.

She added: “Cold, frosty start on Thursday morning followed by a lot of sunshine as the mist and fog that forms overnight will lift quite quickly.”

BBC Weather: Europe set for showers and warm temperatures

The presenter added: “It will be breezy across southern counties, the English Channel, towards south west of England.

“At times we will see a bit more cloud, toppling over the far north of Scotland.”

She said the far north of Scotland will also see “one or two showers” later on Thursday.

But the weather reader said despite a week of frosty starts temperatures will rise later on Thursday for the rest of England.


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Kirkwood said how on Thursday “temperatures could get up as high as 17 degrees” in Liverpool.

Thursday will also see temperatures of 16 degrees in Edinburgh, 15 in Birmingham and 13 in Plymouth. 

But returning to the frosty weather she said “we are not done just yet with overnight frosts.”

She warned viewers not to “get your plants outside” just yet.

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