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BBC Weather – Kirkwood warns ‘severe gales’ to pummel UK

BBC Weather: Heavy rain and strong gusts ti hit UK

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Carol Kirkwood predicted a cooler start to the day and outbreaks of sunshine for many. But Ms Kirkwood forecasted wet and windy conditions to start the day in Western regions of the UK. And warned that wind speeds will range between 40-55mph but could reach even higher than that. Due to the extreme weather the Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings in the West, North and Northern Ireland for wind and rain.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning it’s a chillier start than we have been used to.

“But it’s dry for many of us, and there will be some sunshine around first thing.

“However in the West, we’re already seeing the clouds gathering the rain starting to come in and the wind is also going to strengthen.

“Now the winds going to be a feature of the weather today.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “To give you an idea of the wind gusts that we’re looking at, these are the strengths.

“So out towards the West with exposure, we’ll have gales, even severe gales.

“Even inland especially across Northern England, we could have gusts 40-55mph.

“Possibly even a little bit more than that.

BBC Weather: Heavy thundery showers forecasted for the UK

Ms Kirkwood said: “So if you’re travelling there may well be some disruption.

“And do take extra care if you’re in a light or high-sided vehicle, or a bike of course.

“Now low pressure is coming our way, this is what’s bringing all this wet and windy weather in our direction.

“And you can see from the isobars how windy it’s going to be.

Ms Kirkwood added: “The rain now starting to show its hand across Western parts of Northern Ireland with some thundery showers ahead of it.

“In some Western areas, a few showers in the English Channel they make their way to the South coast as we o through the day.

“And after a bright or a sunny start, the cloud is going to build in from the West.

“As the weather front carrying all this rain arrives, now the rain will be heavy at times.”

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