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Berlin shooting: Four injured after incident near political party headquarters

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A shooting in Berlin, Germany has left four people were injured in the early hours of Saturday, police said.

A police spokeswoman said four people were taken to hospital in the altercation involving several people in the Kreuzberg district, adding there was no indication of a political motive.

The Berlin fire service said earlier on Twitter that three people were seriously injured in the shooting, Reuters reports.

Armed police responded to the incident hunting down those who may have fired the shots in the city at 3.55am.

An injured man who tried to jump out the way of the incident was later pulled out of a nearby canal, according to DW.

Three more people were found injured in a driveway, DPA reported, before emergency services took them to hospital having first tried treating them at the scene.

Witnesses described seeing a police helicopter circling the area.

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