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Biden’s ‘problems lie at home and NOT in Ukraine’ – Resurgent Republicans will split power

Joe Biden swears at a reporter over inflation question

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With Mr Biden now one year into his tenure as Commander-in-Chief, spoke with Scott Lucas, a Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham, and Chief Editor of EA Worldview. Speaking of Mr Biden’s current popularity ratings, and whether his actions address the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Professor Lucas suggests the potential conflict should be the last on the list for the President when it comes to boosting his approval.

He said: “Historically the case is always that at the start of a hot war, support for the Government rises, in some cases substantially.

“But for the Biden administration, that is the last thing that they would want to try to boost their popularity given the catastrophic consequences of war.”

Suggesting that all eyes should be within the US, Professor Lucas said: “The fundamental for the Biden administration is to have success on the domestic front.

“It means success on dealing with the coronavirus, for example in the American rescue plan back in 2021, to deal with economic as well as medical costs.

“He needs to deal with infrastructure, bridges, roads, tunnels, broadband, which they have done through the infrastructure bill, of $1.2tn, almost $600bn of that coming from new money.”

Professor Lucas also suggested that energy is also vital to the Biden administration.

He said: “There needs to be an infrastructure approach towards a clean economy, clean development, so there are climate change initiatives within that.”

Mr Biden has also fought to change the rules on voting rights, in particular following the presidential elections that saw him gain his term in office, defeating Donald Trump.

Professor Lucas also commended Mr Biden’s plans to build on social initiatives, dealing with child poverty, healthcare, education, housing and the environment as all being worthy targets, and achievements of the current President.

The biggest challenge for Mr Biden now says Professor Lucas is “deliberate Republican obstruction”.

Professor Lucas says the likes of Mitch McConnell are seeking to “openly block the Biden administration in order to blame him for being ineffective”.

Speaking of the resurging Republicans, Professor Lucas said: “If the Republicans gain control of both houses in November, and of course, it’s a 50-50 senate right now, and only a slim Democratic majority, if they gain both houses, then that difficulty will intensify.

“From this, you’ll probably have gridlock for the next two years in America at a critical time.”

Yet in spite of this potential stalemate, Professor Lucas argues that this may not be a bad thing for the President.

He said: “From the perspective of the Biden administration, it’s not actually necessarily damaging.

“Both after the 1994 elections, when the Republicans gained a majority, and in 2010, it actually backfired on them because their obstruction in part led to the failure to regain the White House two years later.

“So the bigger damage, if the Republicans gain control of Congress is just to America, rather than specifically to Joe Biden.”

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With Mr Biden sending clear warning to Russia over Ukraine, as well as a steely response from Antony Blinken that Russia cannot dictate who joins NATO, the impact back home has little effect on the American people according to Professor Lucas.

In fact, the academic suggested that many Americans would fail to point out Ukraine on a map such is the disinterest in the diplomatic protocol surrounding Russia and a potential conflict.

Yet, in spite of some very clear achievements by Mr Biden, his approval ratings are still sinking.

The President’s approval rating hit another grim record on Tuesday with a new poll placing him with just 39 percent of voters’ support.

Meanwhile, a separate survey suggests the president has lost the faith of Americans who largely think he does not care about them and is a weak leader, both dire outcomes just a year after he took office.

A report by CNN suggested that only 1 in 5 Americans say that Biden will be a successful president.

With opinion deeply divided in the United State, the notion of bringing the nation back together was also on the list of the President.

Yet here too, Mr Biden does not appear to have the confidence of the people.

The same CNN findings suggested that Just 3 in 10 Americans are either “somewhat” or “very” confident that Biden can “bring the country closer together,” which is one of the core pillars on which he built his presidential campaign.

During his inauguration speech, he famously said: “Today, on this January day, my whole soul is in this: Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation.”

Mr Biden’s promise of selecting a black woman onto the bench of the Supreme Court may well be one of the most important steps in his legacy, hence adding another domestic, yet forgotten achievement to his resume as president.

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