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Black woman asked 'discriminatory' question to book luxury holiday pad

Black woman, 28, who was asked to provide her job history to book a £1,300-a-night holiday home slams ‘extremely discriminatory’ question – which company admits has ‘never been asked with any other property’

  • Nina Danjuma said she felt discriminated against when asked for work details
  • A luxury home company asked for employment history for her and her family
  • Nina, 28, said she was left ‘completely stunned’ by the ‘outrageous’ request
  • Holiday home firm Kate&Tom’s admitted it was ‘inappropriate and unnecessary’ 

A black woman was ‘completely stunned’ after being asked to provide employment details for herself and her family – including a baby – when trying to book a luxury holiday home for her Christmas holiday.

Nina Danjuma, 28, from London, said she felt discriminated against after being asked to provide the full names, ages and jobs for her 10-strong party by holiday home company Kate & Tom’s.

A spokesperson for Kate & Tom’s admitted the questioning was ‘inappropriate and unnecessary’ and insisted it would not happen again.

They added it was the owner of the property who was asking for extra details, and that this was not the case for any other properties on their site.

The fancy staycation firm promises ‘breathtaking locations and spectacular houses’, with prices ranging in the thousands.

The website even lists mansions, manors and castles for rent.

Nina Danjuma, 28, had tried to book a luxury holiday home for a week-long stay when she was sent the unusual request

Nina had been eyeing up a 10-bedroom lodge with prices starting at £1,300-per-night for a two night stay, up to almost £6,000 for a week-long stay.

The palatial home comes complete with a games room, hot tub, piano and a private chef upon request.

Nina said she had enquired about the property for a Christmas break from December 23 to 27.

She filled out the enquiry form in order to check prices and availability over the festive period.

She and her family had a budget of around £6,000 to spend on the luxe mini-break.

Nina, who works for TikTok, said: ‘I plan a lot of staycations and have been doing so for many years.

The TikTok employee said it was ‘outrageous and extremely discriminatory’ for the host to ask for her and her family’s employment history for a holiday break 

Nina argued the request should have been a ‘red flag’ for luxury holiday home company Kate & Tom’s before it was sent to her

‘This one actually was a family staycation that we’re planning to do at Christmas, and there are going to be nine of my family members and a baby.

‘They asked me how many adults and how many kids which is usual practice, that’s not strange.

‘So I sent the enquiry and they got back to me a few hours later and said the owner of that property had asked for individuals’ names, ages and job descriptions.

‘I just thought, “what”? I just thought what an idiot the owner is – but also the guest services advisor who is liasing with the owner, they’re an idiot as well.

‘Because why are they passing on that question? Surely that should be a red flag to you? That’s inappropriate.

‘Clearly they have people working for them who don’t understand how that can come across.

‘I responded saying hi, and that it was an outrageous and extremely discriminatory request from the owner.

‘I asked what our job descriptions have to do with the booking enquiry and that we wouldn’t be going forward with the booking.’

Nina said she was left ‘completely stunned’ by the request, and had never seen anything like it before.

She said: ‘I understand, for instance, some of the properties specifically say you can’t have parties in them, which I understand if somebody’s got a house that’s worth a lot of money, they wouldn’t want that.

‘But there’s a difference between not wanting a specific type of event in your property, versus a specific type of person.’

After replying to the email and sharing the response online Nina did not receive a response from Kate & Tom’s.

However, after the company was approached for comment, Nina said they were ‘very apologetic’.

A spokesperson for Kate & Tom’s said: ‘This issue applies to one property that has recently been added to our site.

‘This question has not been asked for another of our 300+ properties throughout Kate & Tom’s 16-year history.

‘It will not be asked again under any circumstances. This line of questioning is entirely linked to the owner using rules that they apply in the private residential rental market and we have made it clear to them that this is not appropriate for the holiday rental market.

‘We wish to make it clear that it is not Kate & Tom’s policy to ask for the job descriptions of potential guests. In our portfolio of over 300 homes, this question has never been asked with any other property.

‘The team member should not have passed on this request to a potential guest without pushing back to the owner in order to let them know that this is not acceptable.’

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