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Bloke living in seaside cave for 12 years has makeshift set-up busted by council

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    A man has been dragged out of a seaside cave he transformed into his own paradise home where he's lived for the past 12 years.

    The unnamed squatter on the Spanish island of Formentera near Ibiza, was busted by council chiefs who found his makeshift setup on the Cap de Barbaria.

    Enjoying his time on the smallest of the Balearic Isles, the man had crafted a table made from old crates and two beds, one of which made up of a mattress slung across a couple of hammocks.

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    Showcasing his creativity further, he'd utilised a suspended bucket to make a shower, while a plethora of mosquito nets saved him from being bitten.

    Alas, Formentera Council brought his world tumbling down after discovering a load of rubbish inside the cave.

    After being tipped off, an official from the police and the Regional Ministry of Territory went down to the cave and discovered that the rumours were true.

    The man admitted to breaking the illegal camping rule by the Department of Environmental Management and was consequently told to move his stuff out.

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    Local newspaper Diario de Ibiza reported that the man who'd claimed to have been there for 12 years, had created a home that was 'Fully equipped for living'.

    So, after over a decade of living rent-free in his humble abode, the Environmental Management department put their foot down, giving him just a matter of days to pack up his belongings and remove himself from the cave.

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    In addition, due to the enormous amount of mess, the man was ordered to make sure he left it as spotless as he originally found it or face further consequences.

    In another bizarre story recently covered by the Daily Star, a man convinced an entire town that Bigfoot was walking the streets.

    In the mid-1970s, upon spotting tracks, the locals of Brantley, Alabama, US, started to speculate that something was amiss, to the extent that the police were called and the search dogs came out.

    However, with a rye smile on his face, Eugene Hendrick knew exactly what he was doing.

    He told WFSA: “I got a wild hair one day. I wanted to do something about a Sasquatch. I cut some big ole feet and bolted some shoes to them and walked around by the river making tracks. I even made claw marks in the trees.”

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