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Bonkers moment cyclists cross railway track as train thunders towards them

A petrifying video shows a group of cyclists running across a railway crossing with their bikes moments before a train comes hurtling down the tracks.

In the clip, recorded in Kent at the crossings in Rochester and Deal, the male cyclists ignore the red flashing warning sign and walk onto the line.

The train is moving towards them and one of them misses being hit with less than 10 seconds to spare.

Network Rail has blasted the reckless behaviour and shared the clip online and head of route quality health safety and environment Vincent van der Hoeven said he was "really saddened".

Inspector Jon Pine from the Britsh Transport Police said: "In nearly 20 years of policing I have seen few examples of such senselessly idiotic behaviour on a level crossing.

"These cyclists clearly had absolutely no regard for their own safety or that of others – and I speak from experience when I say we could have easily been dealing with the catastrophic consequences.

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"Trespass is of course a criminal offence and we’d be more than happy to educate these cyclists on the very real dangers of the railway."

Jim Maxwell, head of drivers for Southeastern, said close calls like this are very stressful for train drivers.

"Reckless trespass incidents like this can have a profound effect on our drivers’ mental health and I fully support our colleagues at Network Rail and the British Transport Police in trying to identify and pursue the culprits," he said.

Anyone with information about the incidents should contact British Transport Police on 61016.

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