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Boozy England fans already wreaking havoc in pubs and streets before Euros final

England fans queued up at the boozers from 5am for a day of carnage before the Euro 2020 final kick off at 8pm tonight.

The streets have been alive with the sound of football chants and several encores of 'It's Coming Home' as the Three Lions prepare to take on Italy in our first final in 55 years.

Groups of lads have been seen parading through the streets in their strips – with one poor bloke losing his pint to the footpath as he is photographed with splashes of booze flying through the air.

Other blokes seemed to find wearing a shirt to not be enough support for the team and opted to go shirtless for the occasion.

The blokes were captured with their arms in the air, nipples to the breeze, cheering for the lads.

Of course, women joined in the festivities too.

One woman in a pink blazer was spotted cheering with her friend, brightly dressed in yellow as she appears to be in some sort of recording stand-off with the tattooed man in front of her.

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A group of approximately 20 blokes stand behind them chanting as the ground below their feet has been littered with empty cans, bottles and plastic cups.

Those who aren't drinking in the street have taken the limited space in pubs that are already getting packed with customers, to their limits from covid restrictions.

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Some eager fans who couldn't be scared off by the risk of torrential rain have queued outside the pub since the crack of dawn.

Wembley is also already filling up with supporters with a sea of supporters heading to the stadium early, the Sun reports.

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Some local councils are now fencing off areas to stop a repeat of wild celebrations that have erupted during the Three Lions' successful campaign.

A busy square in Manchester that was the centre of euphoric scenes following England's semi-final win against Denmark is closed off.

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