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Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt, the next PM will have to risk an election to get Brexit done – The Sun

Hunt’s front

WE don’t like Jeremy Hunt branding Boris a “bottler” and a “coward”. The Tories must avoid a juvenile slanging match.

It is odd too for Mr Hunt to demand Boris rules out a snap election. How can he? Whoever wins will face a perilously thin majority and Brexit stalemate.

The EU insists it will not budge on the deal, even though MPs will not pass it. A dozen Tory Remainers intend to ­prevent No Deal via a deranged martyrdom operation, apparently preferring to give anti-Semitic Marxism its chance.

We understand why Boris has to guarantee we are leaving on October 31. But it is highly unlikely to be solely his call.

To get Brexit done he might have no choice but to risk an election.

A Brexit fix

THERE is now a credible case for time-limiting the Irish backstop and passing the deal.

Experts on the Alternative Arrangements Commission say technology-led “invisible” checks will be ready by 2022.

It would mean us abiding by EU rules till then, unless a trade deal is struck between us first. It would also mean Brussels, and the Irish, agreeing to a time limit — and making concrete their pledge that the backstop is temporary.

And it would mean them giving the Commission report a fair hearing. That’s unlikely if they remain fixated on halting Brexit or trapping us in a customs union.

But if the choice is a time limit, the turbulence of No Deal or political catastrophe of no Brexit, it still looks the best bet.

Mad house

IT’S hard to exaggerate the carnage Labour’s insane plan to tax house sale profits would inflict on young first-time buyers.

The market would seize up. No one would sell while Corbyn’s plundering pirates were still in Downing Street. The £28billion tsunami of revenue which a Labour “think-tank” believes could be raised would never exist.

Such mad ideas are good news for the Tories. If Labour declares war on home owners, it will lose.

The answer to the housing crisis is not tax. It’s millions of affordable new homes.

Fund this fight

THE least the Government can do for the families of London Bridge terror attack victims is give them Legal Aid.

The state has the finest lawyers taxpayers can afford representing its interests at the complex eight-week inquest. The relatives rely on charity from legal firms, if they’re lucky.

That cannot be right. Not when we are funding IS bride Shamima Begum’s fight against losing her UK citizenship.

These families have gone through a hideous ordeal. The Government must ease their burden.

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