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Boris Johnson should give every young person £500 as they've been hardest hit by Covid, top Tories demand

BORIS Johnson should give every member of Generation Covid £500 because they have been worst hit by the pandemic, a group of Tories demands today.

They are urging the PM to hand out cheques to every 18 to 24 year-old in a move which would cost a whopping £2.8billion.

The One Nation group of Tories point out that young adults are the most likely to have lost out on jobs or been laid off in the pandemic.

The cash bung would put cash in their pocket and help the high street, they said.

The idea is inspired by US President Joe Biden, who has promised a third round of $1,400 stimulus cheques to millions of struggling Americans.

Theresa May's former deputy Damian Green, author of the report, said the cash would help the hardest hit.

He wrote: “This global pandemic effect has had an unequal effect on our society.

“Although we have all made sacrifices, it is undeniable that younger people and children, lower income essential workers, and people in developing nations, are more disadvantaged than those of us who have been able to shield and maintain our incomes.

“As One Nation Conservatives we have a proud heritage of delivering better outcomes for all British people.

“To do this, we must target our limited resources to those that need our help the most."

The cash giveaway plan is among a string of policy recommendations the group is making at a report launch today.

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