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Boxing Day sales start on Christmas Eve

The Warehouse Group is ditching tradition this year and starting its online “Boxing Day” sale on Christmas Eve.

The sale at Noel Leeming will begin at 7.30pm and The Warehouse at 8pm on Thursday.

In a press release sent to media, it says: “Don’t miss out on The Warehouse Boxing Day Sale.

“One of New Zealand’s biggest sales events, both online and in-store. Grab a bargain from our incredible range of stock, at our Boxing Day low prices.”

It also had a list of online Boxing Day sale tips which included signing up to be ready to shop online and having items in your cart as well as bookmarking the sale page.

Consumer NZ CEO John Duffy said he had not heard of a Boxing Day sale starting this early.

“Traders need to be careful not to be misleading in the way they describe sales to prevent a breach of the fair trading act.”

Duffy said there are a number of things people can do to protect themselves while buying products online.

“Know who you are buying from, look for a ‘’ website if you are wanting to buy locally. It is also worth asking if the product is in stock and the expected delivery time before buying.

“Always pay with a credit and debit card as then if the products don’t turn up as ordered, you can take it up with your bank.”

Spending through Paymark on Boxing Day last year totalled $149 million.

Price and product comparison site PriceSpy said 13 per cent of products listed on the site on Boxing Day 2018 were found to have increased in price and the average discount offered was just 4 per cent.

A survey by PriceSpy also found:

• Three in five Kiwis (63 per cent) say they have waited to purchase a Christmas present in the Boxing Day sales, so that it is cheaper.

• Almost half of New Zealanders (45 per cent) said they have felt pressured into buying things during flash sales like Black Friday and Boxing Day.

A survey commissioned by PriceSpy last year found Boxing Day continues to be the most popular sale shopping event in the country, with almost half of those surveyed (46 per cent) saying they had purchased something on the sale day in 2018.

Boxing Day sale tips from PriceSpy

Compare prices before you buy

Don’t trust that all promotional offers you find in shops are good. Do a price comparison on PriceSpy – either in the browser or in the mobile app – and you’ll see immediately whether it is a good deal or not.

Check the price history

Our price history reveals how often prices are raised and lowered by shops. It helps you see if a shop is raising its prices before a promotional period and if you should strike on that time-limited offer or wait for the next price reduction.

Create alerts on a price

With price alerts, you don’t have to manually check for price reductions. Create an alert on a product on PriceSpy and we will notify you when the shops lower their prices or when a product is in stock again. You can receive the message via email and in the mobile app.

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