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Boy, 12, dies after accidentally shooting himself at friend's house

Florida boy, 12, dies after accidentally shooting himself with loaded gun found inside his friend’s home during ‘unsupervised sleepover’

  • Police were called to a home in Lakeland on Friday to report that gunfire went off
  • The victim’s mother said she had not been aware of both kids being home alone
  • The surviving boy’s parents were both at work at the time of the tragic accident 
  • Their son had never mentioned inviting a guest over or even a sleepover to them 
  • So far, no charges have been made, as an investigation into the case continues

A boy in Florida has died after accidentally shooting himself with a loaded gun while being at a friend’s house for a sleepover with no adult supervision.

The 12-year-old child, whose identity remains confidential, had been dropped off at his friend’s place in Lakeland – east of Tampa – on Friday by his mother.  

Local authorities said that at one point during the day, two boys had found a loaded gun inside a car that had been in the home’s garage. 

As the 12-year-old grasped the firearm, he unintentionally fired a round and ended up fatally wounding himself, Lakeland Police said.  

A 12-year-old boy accidentally shot himself at a friend’s home in Lakeland on Friday after being dropped off by his mother for a sleepover

The child found a loaded gun inside a car parked inside the home’s garage. Pictured: The home’s driveway

Officers were called to the home at around 7p.m. before reporting the shooting. It remains unclear if both children were still home alone at the time. 

The 12-year-old boy was still alive when police officers found him, as e was suffering from a single gunshot wound before emergency medical professionals came for assistance. 

He was then rushed to Tampa General Hospital, where he eventually died from his wounds.

The boy’s mother told local police that she had thought an adult would have been supervising both kids, including her son, according to WFLA. 

It was also said that neither of the surviving boy’s parents were aware that their son had invited someone over to their home. Both were at work at the time of the accident.

Parents of the surviving boy told police that they had not been aware of any sleepover and had been at work at the time of the incident. They further told cops that they had not given their son permission to have anybody at their home

As of Sunday afternoon, no charges have been filed and an investigation remains ongoing.  

In 2021, at least 259 accidental shootings by children took place in the U.S. and 104 of them resulted in death while 168 others involved injuries, according to NPR. 

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