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Boy, 14, struck by lightning as he walks into school – but shoes save his life

A 14-year-old boy is lucky to be alive as he was struck by lightning outside his school, with his shoes saving his life.

Talyn Rose, from Queensland, Australia, was thrown to the ground by the powerful electrical charge outside Robina State High School, with all of his muscles going tense and then numb.

The teenager had been walking into school when a lightning bolt bounced off a nearby pole and hit him, the Daily Mail reports.

His mother, Michelle Nimmo, revealed the doctors had told her it was the thick rubber soles in his school shoes that absorbed the majority of the current and helped save his life.

She told 7NEWS that a thunderstorm had been brewing all morning and recalled receiving a phone call from the school informing her of the situation and that an ambulance was on its way to pick her son up.

Luckily, a father sitting inside his car witnessed the terrifying scene and ran to his aid, taking the 14-year-old inside the school to safety.

Amazingly, Talyn was already beginning to recover from the giant zap when his mother arrived but was still taken to hospital to get his vitals checked.

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He later told his mother he could barely hear or feel anything for a whole minute following the enormous electric shock.

She said: “Paramedics said he is extremely lucky to be alive and that they have never seen anything like it in their whole careers.”

Nimmo added that hospital staff had affectionately started calling her son the “lightning kid”, with doctors marvelling at the close save.

Apart from temporary marks seen on the teenager's feet and shoulders – called Litchenberg figures – Talyn has made a full recovery.

According to his mother, the marks took three days to completely fade and she joked that had they stayed, they would have been a cool conversation starter.

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