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Boy, 4, branded ‘new Max Verstappen’ after crashing mum’s car on a ‘joyride’

A cheeky four-year-old has been dubbed the “new Max Verstappen” by cops after he took his mum’s car on a joyride.

The brazen kid donned pyjamas and no shoes for the drive, which ended abruptly after he crashed into two parked cars and fled the scene.

Dutch police in the city of Utrecht were called after the crash and were shocked to discover the young lad walking around the street next to the collision.

Officers took him back to the station and gave him a hot chocolate before they realised his connection to the abandoned car in the same suburb.

They checked he wasn’t hurt and gave him a teddy bear and posted a picture to Instagram which compared him to Verstappen, the Dutch Formula One world champion famous for his aggressive racing style.

The police wrote: "When the child's father went to work, the child woke up and grabbed the car keys to go for a drive. The two parked cars were hit. The child then got out and ran away in his pyjamas.

"Fortunately, this mini driver's adventure has come to an end with a sizzle."

After they found his mother’s details and rang her, she admitted her son was “very resourceful” and comforted him over the phone.

The bold kid then motioned to bemused officers how he had achieved the feat, using his hands to open the car door before putting the key in the ignition and pressing down on an imaginary clutch and accelerator.

Officers explained: “She spoke to the child on the telephone and then we saw that he made a collision with his hands and made a steering movement.

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“This gave us the suspicion that the child might have been driving. We then walked to the vehicle together with the mother and the child.”

Hundreds of impressed Instagram users liked the post and one asked: “Were his legs long enough to reach the pedals?”

Whilst someone else added: “Luckily it ended well.”

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