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Boy, 8, killed on waterslide after accidentally going down ‘dismantled’ tunnel

An eight-year-old boy has tragically died after falling 45 feet from a dismantled waterslide.

Little Davi Lucas de Miranda got inside the 'Volcano' slide at the diRoma Acqua Park in Goias, Brazil, on Sunday afternoon without realising it was undergoing maintenance.

Insufficient signage and blockades meant the attraction which is made up of four waterslides that come out of the top of a replica of a volcano, appeared open to the public.

Three of the slides had reportedly been at least partially dismantled, meaning that sections of the long pipes had been removed, although this was not easily visible at the beginning of the ride.

Davi reportedly managed to access the ride which was fenced off but only by a strip of tape on its entrance, according to the police.

The young boy reportedly climbed up to the beginning of the slides and entered one of them which has an immediate right angle that obstructs the view of the rest of the slide.

Only one of the four entrances to the slides was reportedly closed off, and Davi entered one of the slides that was missing parts of its tubes.

Davi reportedly fell from a height of 45 feet before hitting a wooden and metal structure that supports the ride. He then rolled into a pool that was 28 inches deep.

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He was reportedly rescued alive but later died in hospital.

The eight-year-old escaped parental supervision when he moved away from his father and his one-year-old brother to use the bathroom.

He reportedly knew the waterpark well, having already visited it several times.

His distraught family members have claimed the park operator was negligent and they are calling for justice.

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Davi Lucas was buried in his family's hometown of Conselheiro Lafaiete in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais on Monday.

His grieving mother Jaqueline Rosa was paid tribute to him in local media as saying: "My son was a marvellous child, full of plans, a super studious boy. He just wanted to play. But he's never coming back. It's hurting a lot."

The police investigation is ongoing.

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