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Boyfriend of lottery winner left with nothing from jackpot after getting dumped

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A man whose girlfriend won big on the National Lottery was left with nothing after she did a runner with all the money – now he’s warning people to learn from his mistakes.

Kirk Stevens’ partner hit the jackpot when she snared the National Lottery’s Set For Life draw – £10,000 every month for 30 years, for a grand total of £3.6million.

Laura Hoyle lived with Kirk rent-free, but rather than giving to the rent, he said her contribution was to stick £25 on the lottery each week.

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The idea worked when the duo picked up the dream money, making them quids-on for the next three decades.

But a year and a half later, Laura, 40, had dumped Kirk, 39, and allegedly left him high and dry without the cash.

She meanwhile, moved into a plush new pad.

According to theSunhe said: “Laura had told me we’d live the life of Riley if we won. Now she’s gone. She pulled the plug and took everything. She even wants our two dogs.”

The ex-couple had first clapped eyes on one another in 2018 courtesy of a mutual pal, but for engineer Kirk, it’s all ended in tears – despite reportedly letting her live for next to nothing in his £240,000 home.

“She asked me how much rent I wanted, but as far as I was concerned she was my girlfriend.

"I didn’t expect her to pay rent, I didn’t ask her for a penny.

“Instead, she told me she’d buy us Lottery tickets. She spent around £25 a week and told me that if we won, we would both live it up.

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He added: “Both our names were on the cheque we posed with for pictures and every press release from [National Lottery operator] Camelot talked about both of us winning the prize together.

“Laura immediately quit her job and we bought a Porsche Cayenne. It was a really exciting time.

“I suppose you could say we were semi-sharing the money then. Laura was paying me £1,000 a month from the winnings and she encouraged me to pursue my master’s degree in mechanical engineering. I would never have done it but Laura said she would pay off my student loan.

“We had plans for the future. We were going to buy properties together and build an empire.”

Kirk had wanted to get married but, both of them having been married before, he said Laura wasn’t fussed about it.

“Things changed, though, and after two or three years together, I was getting to the point where I wanted to marry her. I loved Laura and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her,” he said.

He added: “I was going to propose and, just then, we hit another bad patch.

“I felt Laura was reluctant to commit and that the money was part of the problem.”

But the pair, who Kirk said had spent time ghost hunting together and had bought new kit following the win, couldn’t make it work and following a friend’s wedding in Bristol, Laura called time on their relationship.

When they won, the couple had paid a £500,000 deposit to build a new home – but after the split, Laura moved into the brand new home without him.

“She took lots of our stuff with her, too, so I’ve had to replace things. She’s even been demanding over our two dogs.

“At first, I didn’t know if it was a permanent split, so I didn’t mention the money. But when it became clear we were not going to work things out, I asked her: ‘What about our Lottery win?’ She said, ‘It’s not ours, it’s mine’."

Camelot has confirmed that all winnings are paid to an individual – in this case, the winning account was Laura’s, despite both their names being on the superficial publicity cheque.

The Sun reports that Laura had no comment, however Kirk said: “I just want 10%. If she continues to pay me £1k a month, I’ll happily walk away. She won’t even notice it.”

The Daily Star is attempting to contact Laura for comment.


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