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Brazilian woman gets aid after being hit with bottle before she died

Moment Brazilian woman, 23, receives aid after rival soccer fan hit her neck with a glass bottle that pierced her jugular before she died of heart attack as suspect claims he was only throwing ice

  • Videos shows Gabriela Anelli standing outside Allianz Parque in Brazil before she was struck with a bottle on the neck and then getting help from a friend 
  • The 23-year-old was going to attend the home game of her favorite team Palmeiras and was hit by a bottle thrown by Flamengo fan Leonardo Santiago 
  • Santiago told police that he had only thrown ice cubes at Palmeiras fans during a fight; Anelli had surgery Saturday night and died Monday from two heart attacks

A newly released video shows a woman walking away from a group of upset fans near a Brazilian soccer stadium entrance where a supporter from the rival club tossed a bottle that hit her in the neck before she died of a heart attack at a hospital.

In the cellphone footage, Gabriella Anelli, 23, is spotted being escorted by her friend, Yuri Batista, as Palmeiras fans were arguing with a guard at a gate set aside for visiting Flamengo fans at Allianz Parque in São Paulo on Saturday night.

Anelli, a diehard Palmeiras fan, is later seen sitting on the ground as a group of fans check on her well-being after she was struck by a glass bottle allegedly thrown by Leonardo Santiago, a 26-year-old who traveled from Rio de Janeiro for Flamengo’s road game.

None of the videos show the moment the bottle is thrown by Santiago, who was arrested at the scene and accused of homicide.

Gabriella Anelli died after suffering two heart attacks at a hospital in São Paulo, Brazil, on Monday. The 23-year-old was waiting to enter Allianz Parque, the home of her favorite club, Palmeiras, when fans chased after two rival Flamengo supporters. During a brawl, Flamengo fan Leonardo Santiago tossed a glass bottle that struck her on the neck, requiring that she be rushed to a local hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery

Yuri Batista assists his friend Gabriela Anelli moments after she was struck by a bottle on the neck outside Allianz Parque in São Paulo during a fight between Palmeiras and Flamengo fans on Saturday night

Palmeiras fans attempt to enter through a gate set aside for visiting fans moments before Gabriela Anelli (picture in the white t-shirt, top right) was hit with a glass bottle

In his defense, Santiago told Civil Police investigators that he had thrown ice cubes during a fight with a group of Palmeiras fans.

However, authorities said they are confident that it was him who threw the bottle which pierced Anelli’s jugular vein.

‘He threw a bottle, he knew it could (cause) death and that’s what happened,’ police chief César Saad told reporters Monday.

‘We have several cellphone images, we are using a facial recognition system so that other supporters and other people who were in the fight can be identified.’

São Paulo authorities said Anelli was standing near the soccer stadium’s gate ‘A’ entrance when Palmeiras fans noticed two Flamengo fans, including Santiago, and chased after them.

To protect himself from being hit, Santiago allegedly hurled a bottle, striking Anelli.

Leonardo Santiago (pictured) is facing a homicide charge after he threw a bottle during a brawl with soccer fans that injured Gabriella Anelli while she was waiting to walk inside Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Brazil, on Saturday. Anelli was rushed to a local hospital, where she died Monday after suffering two heart attacks

Gabriela Anelli enjoyed traveling to watch her favorite Brazilian soccer team, Palmeiras, and once held a raffle to raise money to cover the cost of seeing them play in person in Paraguay

Felipe Anelli (left) with his sister Gabriela Anelli (right), a longtime fan of Brazilian soccer club Palmeiras 

She was tended to by paramedics on the scene and rushed to Santa Casa Hospital, where she underwent surgery. She died after suffering two heart attacks Monday.

Anelli’s friend, Rafaela, told TV Globo that Anelli and Batista arrived early at the stadium and sent videos of them ‘having fun.’

She described Anelli as fan who traveled anywhere to see her favorite club play, once setting up a raffle to raise money for a road trip to Paraguay.

‘When I saw her she was lying in the hospital,’ Rafaela said. ‘Because I was the last person, the last friend she hugged, that she saw in the ICU, it really moves me.’

A funeral viewing was held for Anelli was scheduled for Tuesday in the São Paulo town of Embu das Artes.

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