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Bride executed at her own wedding and groom kidnapped by enemies of her Mexican cartel boss brother – The Sun

A MEXICAN cartel leader’s sister was shot and killed at the church altar on her wedding day by rival gangsters, it has been reported.

Karem Lizbeth Yépez Ortiz was murdered on the biggest day of her life on Saturday while her new husband was kidnapped by her killers.

The gangsters burst into the Our Lady of San Juan church in Celaya, central Mexico, just as the ceremony was ending and opened fire.

Karem was the sister of José Antonio 'El Marro' Yépez Ortiz – the boss of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, a new crime group established in 2017.

Police sources told local news outlet La Silla Rota that the bride – who was reportedly in charge of the gang’s finances – was killed in the shooting.

According to several reports, her brother managed to escape unharmed.


It is believed the killers belonged to rival gang Jalisco New Generation Cartel who have been embroiled in a bloodstained turf war with the Santa Rosa cartel.

Wedding guests claim the bulletproof vests of the shooters had the initials of the rival cartel on them.

As the gang burst into the church, people reportedly hit the ground to escape the bullets while others who made eye contact with the gunmen were shot at.

There is no official confirmation of the death toll.

It has also been reported that some wedding guests shot back at the intruders.

Tragically, an 18-year-old who was riding a motorcycle was shot and killed in the crossfire outside the church.

The killing came just a day after López Esquivel, 21, a female member of the Jalisco cartel, died during a showdown with Mexican cops in La Bocanda.

She has been nicknamed 'La Catrina’ meaning ‘Grande Dame of Death’ – skeleton figure who features heavily in the Day of the Dead festival.


Who are the Jalisco New Generation

The CJNG has a reputation for unimaginable, extreme violence, starting with the torture and massacre of 35 people in Veracruz in 2011.

In 2015 the group ambushed and murdered 15 Mexican cops in one of the deadliest attacks on law enforcement in the country.

They're known to have military-grade weapons including rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) which they used to shoot down a military helicopter in 2015.

The bodies of 44 missing people – many of them women – were found buried in a water well in an area of Mexico notorious for brutal drug cartel executions last year.

In August, the CJNG hung another 19 other bodies from bridges — with 10 more dismembered bodies full of bullets found nearby.

As well as the local drug trade, the brutal slayings were said to also be over control of the region's billion-dollar avocado industry.

In May, video shared online showed at least 20 trucks marked with the CJNG logo carrying heavily armed men in black — that night, three cops and 10 others were killed as the convoy carried out a massacre in Michoacán.

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