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Brit millionaire’s body ‘dumped in wheelie bin by killers and put outside home’

A millionaire was brutally killed and then dumped in a wheelie bin outside her house after she refused to sell it, a court has heard.

Chef Kusai Al-Jundi, 28, and delivery driver Mohammed El-Abboud, 24 allegedly strangled Louise Kam, 72, to death and then "bundled her lifeless corpse into the bin."

It's claimed the twisted pair, who have both denied murder, then pretended that she was still alive by sending messages to her loved ones.

They occupied her home in Harrow, northwest London, before the killing took place, reports The Mirror.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow told the Old Bailey: "She had been strangled, her body dumped unceremoniously in a rubbish bin, and a plan was afoot to conceal her murder and plunder her life savings."

The court heard that Al-Jundi allegedly spent the months before Ms Kam's death trying to con her into giving him two properties she owned and signing over the control of her finances to him.

He is said to have instructed solicitors to act for both him and Ms Kam so her properties could be given to him without the need for any funds to change hands.

Mr Glasgow said: "That plan had seen Mohammed El-Abboud move into Louise Kam's house, treat her property as his own and then sell her car after she had been killed.

"And that plan had ended with both defendants murdering Louise Kam, hiding her body and deceiving those who cared for her as to her whereabouts."

The prosecutor added: "El-Abboud moved into Louise Kam's house and posted videos on social media that mocked her wealth and good fortune."

El-Abboud reportedly told visitors to the house that it belonged to Al-Jundi.

The pair were linked to the crime after CCTV, telephone, forensic, and eye-witness evidence painted an "undeniable evidential picture", Mr Glasgow said.

Jurors heard allegations that Al-Jundi deceived the pensioner into believing he would pay her vast sums of money in exchange for the two properties.

Mr Glasgow said: "He tricked her into signing paperwork in connection with the sale of her house and he managed to obtain her signature on a power of attorney which had the potential to leave him in control of her personal finances."

El-Abboud and Al-Jundi were both together in Ms Kam's three-bedroom semi-detached house in East Barnet, North London, when she visited the address for the last time on July 26, 2021.

Ms Kam arrived at her house expecting to finalise the sale of the property.

The prosecutor said: "The three of them were in the address together for about 20 minutes and, whilst both Kusai Al-Jundi and Mohamed El-Abboud were seen to leave the address.

"Louise Kam never reappeared after she had driven onto the driveway."

"It is unclear exactly what time she was murdered, but Louise Kam must have been killed that same afternoon and whilst she was at the address, because she was never seen alive again and no one who knows her ever heard from her again."

The court heard that after the murder, Al-Jundi sent messages to her friends and family pretending she was alive and well on holiday.

He allegedly sent these messages from Ms Kam's phone using the wi-fi at the restaurant where he worked.

On the day Ms Kam was killed, El-Abboud was said to have moved Ms her black BMW 3 Series convertible from her house and parked it around the corner until the next day when he sold it to an unsuspecting buyer pretending it was his own car.

The prosecutor said: "Then with the help of several unsuspecting acquaintances, he moved the rubbish bin in which Louis Kam's body had been hidden."

Al-Abboud's DNA was found on the hair dryer from which the electrical flex had been removed and used to strangle Ms Kam, it is claimed.

Mr Glasgow said: "The two of them then set about trying to cover up her murder and doubtless they assumed they would be able to profit in some way from her death.

"It does not matter who overpowered her, who wrapped the flex around her neck, or who bundled her lifeless corpse into the bin.

"What matters is that the two of them did this together and that each supported the other in the plan to kill her, to dispose of her body and to try to profit from her death."

The trial continues.

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