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Brit 'murdered by hitman hired by two ‘psychotic’ Rich Kids of Pakistan after they begged her for sex'

A BRITISH law graduate shot dead in Pakistan may have been murdered by a hitman hired by two 'rich kids of Instagram' who pestered her for sex, police said.

Mayra Zulfiqar, 26, was found dead lying in a pool of blood in her apartment a week ago after she was shot in the neck and shoulder.

Cops now believe wealthy suspects Saad Butt, 28, and Zahir Jadoon, 26, allegedly recruited a contract killer to execute Mayra after she resisted their advances.

After a nationwide manhunt was launched, Butt turned himself in to authorities on Friday, while Jadoon's whereabouts remain unknown.

"It’s a cold-blooded murder but neither of the accused were present at the crime scene," a police source told The Times. 

"Jadoon was in Islamabad and Saad was at home [in Lahore], confirmed by CCTV. Police are investigating whether the accused hired a killer."

The pair are believed to have lured Mayra into the party scene enjoyed by Lahore's young elite, after she travelled to Pakistan for a wedding two months earlier before deciding to stay.

Surrounded by the children of politicians, business tycoons and army generals, where guns, drugs and violence towards women are commonplace – the "psychotic" males are said to run riot under the protection of their family's wealth and power.

Just days before she was killed, Mayra told police that Jadoon – who she is believed to have had a relationship with – allegedly abducted her at gunpoint and threatened to kill her.

Social media posts of the 26-year-old suspect show him proudly posing with pistols and assault rifles.

He also frequently discussed the topic of vengeance in a series of posts – cryptically captioning one picture from May last year, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

A source told the publication that Jadoon had allegedly threatened one of her friends in a similar fashion after she rejected him.

"He started pursuing my friend for a romantic relationship but she rejected him. He pressured her and threatened her but her father is a politician too so she got away unharmed," she explained.

"His whole group are psychotic, crazy. Guns, drugs, alcohol — they do everything and no one stops them because they are rich and connected."

Mayra had also accused Butt, Jadoon's friend and rival, of attempting to rape her, it has been reported.

Authorities have been criticised for ignoring the graduate from Feltham, west London because her family was "not influential enough to be taken seriously," one friend, who did not want to be named, told the Times.

Mayra's loved ones have accused the men of orchestrating her murder after she rejected their marriage proposals – but don't believe they pulled the trigger.

She was already engaged to a man from Islamabad, whom she had met shortly after arriving in Pakistan.

According to legal documents filed by Mayra's uncle, she had complained of being harassed by two men and their unwanted advances.

Another source described the men as "animals", who were allegedly fighting to gain the affection of the late 26-year-old.

Friends dismissed reports that Butt had attacked Mayra after she turned down his marriage proposal – something he has also denied.

"They didn’t propose, they just wanted her [sexually]. They were fighting over her and the circle has done this before," the woman said.

In a separate incident, she claimed one man had previously opened fire on a love rivals house after he started dating his ex-girlfriend.

Those who are privy to the lawless lifestyle led by Lahore's rich kids fear Mayra's murder will be glossed over in a male-dominated society where violence against women – including "honour killings" – are rarely punished.

"This is the norm," one friend told the publication. "[There are] cases after cases of this sh*t. Even if he’s [Jadoon] arrested he’ll go to VIP jail or pay a settlement with the family who will be pressured to take it."

Neither Jadoon or Butt can be charged until May 22 due to a bail order that is in place.

Officers confirmed the pair are under investigation for murder.

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