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Britain braces for 70 mph winds and gales from oncoming Northern Atlantic system

After a freezing cold weekend, forecasters have warned Brits to prepare for more blustery winds and gales up until the end of January.

Weather prediction maps from Net Weather TV claim that Northern Scotland can expect high winds, with frontal rain passing through, sleet and snow on higher ground, and strong gusts.

But as the lower pressure pulls away, strong winds and high gusts will continue to thrash northern Britain – especially the northeast, Pennines, and eastern Scotland.

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Met Office forecasters say gusts could top 50mph, while Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) claims they could reach speeds of 70mph.

According to The Express, strong gusts will thrash the Northern half of the UK throughout Monday and Tuesday of next week.

The jet stream will blast out of Northern America, where extreme cold warnings have been issued in Canada due to a plunge of Arctic air.

This temperature difference assists a stronger jet, and a massive frontal system is expected to move across the United States this weekend. Heavy snow, dangerous wind chill, heavy rain, and flash flooding are all expected.

The zonal jet will move across the northern Atlantic, bringing low pressures from Iceland to Norway, and, as it moves south, windier conditions will affect the UK next week.

Forecasters don’t expect much snow because we don't have the Arctic air surge. While cold fronts hang off of these passing lows or in showery flows behind the fronts, sleet and hill snow are predicted.

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Temperatures will seem colder, and over high ground, the rains will turn snowy. Flurries may be expected early on Monday and again Tuesday evening in places exposed to the northwest. Most places will get a lot of dry, sunny weather, however, western coastlines may occasionally experience sprinkles of rain.

Jo Farrow, Net Weather forecaster and STV broadcast meteorologist said: "Next week is going to be windier for everyone. We have had some very steady settled weather across the United Kingdom – high pressure has been nearby and that’s been anchoring our UK weather, especially that cold pool of air that’s brought the frost and the freezing fog of Southern Britain.

"Now with more breeze, we won’t see the temperature falling as much by night and also it should keep the frost at bay.

The weather forecaster continued: "However if you’re caught in that wind, it is going to feel really quite chilly.

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"So the high pressure remains high nearby across the South but we are going to see gales even severe gales for Northern Scotland, and that very windy weather starts on Sunday."

As a result, she said: " We will see the winds picking up across Northern Britain to end the weekends. That will be around as we start Monday moving out into the North Sea.

"And then, there will be more bouts of strong winds with high gusts, even gales at times, particularly for Northern Scotland. But there is some uncertainty about when those bouts of strong winds will move through."


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