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Britney Spears warned after 'Porsha' escaped and bit elderly man

Britney Spears warned by animal control after Doberman named ‘Porsha’ trained to protect her from ‘any motherf****r with bad intentions’ escaped $7.4 million California home and bit elderly man

  • Britney Spears’ Doberman, Porsha, ran out of her $7.4 million California mansion on Thursday and reportedly bit an elderly cyclist
  • Spears and husband Sam Asghari were then reportedly warned by animal control to make sure the dog doesn’t get out again 
  • Asghari took to Instagram on Friday to thank a local nonprofit for finding not only Porsha, but another one of their dogs who escaped that day 

Britney Spears has received a warning from animal control after her Doberman, Porsha, escaped her California mansion and bit an elderly cyclist. 

Porsha – who was gifted to Spears by husband Sam Asghari with the promise that she will be trained to protect his wife from ‘any motherf****r with bad intentions’ – got out of the couples’ $7.4 million Thousand Oaks home on Thursday, TMZ reports. 

Sources told the outlet the dog came across a man in his 70s who was getting off his bike in the area and bit him before a member of Spears’ security team got a hold of the pooch. 

Animal control then reportedly contacted Spears, Asghari and their security team, warning them to make sure Porsha doesn’t get out again. 

On Friday night, Asghari posted an Instagram video thanking the Dog Says Animal Search and Rescue group for finding Porsha and another one of their dogs who had also gotten out and were located 5 miles away.  

Britney Spears’ Doberman, Porsha, escaped her $7.4 million  California mansion on Thursday and bit an elderly cyclist. Porsha is pictured with Britney last year 

Husband Sam Asghari (left) posted a video on Friday night saying Porsha and another one of the couples’ dogs ran off and were located 5 miles away by a local nonprofit 

The sources added that the elderly man went to a local urgent care facility to get the bite checked out. 

In his Instagram post, Asghari could be seen holding the two runaways close to him as he expressed his gratitude to the nonprofit for finding his dogs. 

‘They are the best search and rescue in South California not only because they rescued these two beautiful dogs yesterday when they ran like Forrest Gump out the door, and they found them five miles down the road, but because I truly with all my heart respect and trust their search and rescue,’ he said. 

Asghari also noted that he and Spears got assistance from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department after the dogs ran out.  

Porsha joined the Spears household in 2021, when Asghari surprised his then-fiance with the pup as the pop star filmed the moment.

‘Who is the new addition to the family?’ Spears asked him. 

‘Her name is Porsha, and she’s meant to unconditionally love you,’ Sam replied, adding that the dog would ‘be trained to protect you from any motherf***er that comes around you with bad intentions.’

Porsha was added to the family not long after Spears temporarily lost her other two dogs over her former housekeeper’s fears that they were ‘malnourished.’

The housekeeper reportedly believed the dogs were near death after they allegedly suffered serious nutritional problems, sources told TMZ . 

The insiders said the housekeeper became concerned because the dogs were supposed to be fed special food due to their dietary issues, but they regularly saw them being fed table scraps, though it’s unclear if Spears was the one allegedly feeding them leftovers.

The housekeeper also claimed to the sources that the dogs had been suffering from dehydration before she decided to take them to a veterinarian.

Porsha was gift to Spears from Asghari in 2021, with him promising that she will be trained to protect his wife from ‘any motherf****r with bad intentions’

Pictured: Sam presenting the Doberman to Spears, who filmed the event  

Once the pooches were ready to be released, Spears’ dog sitter reportedly decided to keep them instead of returning them to the singer in order to ensure their safety.

After the housekeeper had taken the dogs, sources told TMZ that Spears had confronted her and allegedly slapped the housekeeper’s cell phone out of her hand during an argument.

The argument reportedly started after the Toxic singer became convinced that her housekeeper had been sending photos of the dogs to her father Jamie Spears, who at the time was still in place as her conservator. 

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the house, but no charges were ultimately filed against Spears.

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